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Why Custom Sized Windows Are the Perfect Fit For Your Home

Budgeting is an important concern for many homeowners planning a home improvement project. After all, replacing all the windows in your home isn’t exactly cheap. However, doing it the right way without cutting corners will ensure longer lasting products, higher levels of comfort, and all the benefits of energy efficiency.

Naturally, you will want the best value for your money, which may send you to the big box stores for their low bulk prices at first. But take a moment to think things through, as that may not be the best choice for you. While they may seem more affordable initially, that cheap sticker price translates to cheap materials. In the long run, you’ll end up paying out more in premature replacement costs and higher energy bills.

To get the most out of this important home improvement project, go with custom windows specifically designed to fit the openings in your home. From quicker installation and better aesthetics to higher energy efficiency and better security, ditch the standard window sizes and go custom. Here’s why.

1.    Material

Get more control over the materials you want when you choose to customize your window options. Vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood are the four most common material types. While elegant and traditional, wood tends to swell and rot with time, and you have to repaint the sills and frames every three years or so. Aluminum windows can  be durable and affordable, but vinyl and fiberglass windows offer the best energy efficiency and insulation, and will never corrode or rot. You won’t have to paint them either.

2.    Aesthetics

You get unparalleled aesthetic and curb appeal with custom windows compared with standard models. Customization lets you easily complement the style, theme and design of your walls, both on the interior and the exterior.

3.    Energy Efficiency

Custom windows are designed to fit their openings with precision, with no gaps left between the wall and frame. That means air can’t escape, straining your HVAC system and boosting your energy bills. When you choose custom-made double- or triple-paned models, the insulation factor alone is enough to make this decision.

4.     Installation

It can be difficult to fit standard windows due to the window size at the hardware store not being a good match for the current opening. This may force you to cut into the wall, add molding or make other invasive adjustments just to make the window fit. When you start making structural changes to your home, you introduce increased risks of energy and water leakage. Custom windows are precisely measured to fit the space you have, and entail a lot less prep work with fewer additional materials.

5.    Designs

Custom windows present an unmatched versatility in terms of styling, resulting in a truly unique look for your home. Select from a wide range of designs, styles, and colors to fit your house’s architecture, from sliders to double-hung to awnings.

6.    Security

Adding accessories to your custom windows such as locks and grids can elevate the security of your home. Standard windows just can’t provide the strength and peace of mind required to protect your home and family.

7.     Value

Custom windows inherently have higher home values compared with standard big box windows. Why? Custom-made windows are made with exceptional craftsmanship by professional installers, guaranteeing more durable, longer lasting, and better quality windows overall.

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