Casement Windows

Easily update your home and increase energy efficiency with Infinity from Marvin’s Casement windows. These contemporary windows work well for old vinyl or aluminum window replacement, for both new construction and remodels, allow access to both sides of the glass for easy cleaning, and have endless design options.

Casement windows are one of the most employed types of windows out there. They are elegant, versatile, and fit for all houses.

Infinity Casement windows from Marvin are ideal for old vinyl windows replacements as well as aluminum ones. For ultimate durability, switch to Ultrex fiberglass, and you’ll never have to worry about them deteriorating again. Visit our contact page to set up a meeting with an Amazing Casement Windows expert.

Casement windows are a work of art and history. Simple, elegant, and fit for all houses, they are a homeowners dream. Among their many advantages, five stand out, and they are as follows:

Casement Windows Open Fully

Have you ever felt claustrophobic in your own house? At some point or another, we have all felt the need for fresh air. However, as you leave your apartment, you find yourself surrounded by buildings, surrounded by the city’s embrace.

Sure, you can escape the noxious gasses at the Emma Long Metropolitan Park, but why should you have to leave your home just to breathe?

Why not just have your windows open instead? Casement windows allow you to have a hole in your wall whenever you want one.

If you live on the top floors, you can take in fresh air along with a beautiful scene and at the same time, escape the concentrated gasses below. Even if you’re living on the bottom, you can at least get the air moving with the casement window’s large opening.

With no sash or mullions blocking your view, you are free to take in the city’s crazy atmosphere.

Casement Windows Are More Secure

As quirky as double hung windows are, they are also quite easy to open with a crowbar.

The same cannot be said for the casement window. Your “friendly” neighborhood thief may try as he will, but he won’t be able to force it open. Especially if it’s made of Ultrex fiberglass, he will need way more than an iron rod and some pushing.

His options will then be to either break the glass or let the whole neighborhood in on his actions, or simply take his crowbar and leave.

Casement Windows Catch Side Breezes

Despite the authorities’ fear of snow, Austin is not known for its cold winters. More often than not, we’re melting, rather than freezing, under a blazing sun that doesn’t let up.

We sigh in relief when the occasional breeze blows our way. However, there is no breeze inside our apartments.

There are few things quite as frustrating as opening your window and feeling the breeze as you extend your hand over the ledge. The wind is blowing, but it’s blowing sideways to the building.

So, what do you do? A regular window would leave you sweating, but if you open the casement window just a tiny bit towards the Austin wind, it will catch it and send it over to your home.

Casement Windows Are Easy to Access and Clean

If your apartment is on the fifth floor, you’re probably not too eager to go out and clean your windows. Even at lower heights, leaning on your balcony to clean your window is a difficult, time-consuming and unpleasant job.

By having them open towards the inside of your house, cleaning your casement windows will be as easy as saying hi.

Casement Windows Have Endless Design Options

At Amazing Exteriors, we offer the highest quality replacement windows for all your needs and purposes. By combining Marvin’s craftsmanship with our top rated window installation services, there is not a casement window we cannot provide or install.

Would you like a small casement window in your bathroom or a large one for your balcony? Would you like muntins with your windows or perhaps casement windows on top of bigger casement windows?

Regardless of what vision you have for your home, the casement window can adapt to fit your needs, and we can adjust to make your dreams into reality.

Since its founding in 1989, Amazing Exteriors has replaced and installed casement windows for all types of apartments, houses, villas and more. We have seen them faithfully serve their owners decades after their installment.

Today, Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass material makes casement windows stronger than ever before.

Marvin’s windows are simple, efficient and versatile. When the temperature drops, their state of the art design keeps the cold away and your house warm. When the temperature rises, they allow for a maximum intake of fresh air.

They are durable and reliable, safe and beautiful. If a casement window is a piece your home was missing, then it’s time to drop whatever you’re doing and give us a call.

By the end of the month, you too can have the windows of your dreams.

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