Awning Windows

Let the fresh air in while keeping the rain out with Infinity from Marvin’s Awning window. Designed for quality, The Ultimate Cranking Awning adds light to a room and provides better airflow and expansive, open views. For maximum visual impact, the window can be used on its own or with a casement or picture windows.

What an awning window can do for your home?

Since our founding in 1989 at Amazing Exteriors, have provided awning windows for the most unlikely of projects.

For attics, bathrooms and kitchens, homeowners have realized the awning window is more than glass in a frame. It’s a necessity.


The Egyptians and Syrians first used woven mats as protection for their houses from the sun. The item was more of a commodity than a necessity since rain was scarce and the only real use they had was protecting grocery stalls from withering.

The precursor of today’s stadiums, the Roman Colosseum also used awnings to protect its spectators. The velarium, as it was called, was a massive retractable structure that stuns archeologists to this day.

Hundreds of years later, awnings became standard. In the 19th century, they were mass-produced due to their popularity, but it was only in the 20th century that the politician Emile Poisson, invented the awning window.

Why Own an Awning Window?

Not long ago, we have received a request from a family seeking replacement windows for their kitchen. Their current windows were neither broken nor old.

They bought their glider windows just a few months back thinking they would look stylish and fit well with the kitchen’s décor. They did look great and matched quite well with the classic look of their kitchen. For a long time, they were happy with their choice.

But one day, the mother was busy cooking for their daughter’s birthday. Near the window, the stove was running on all four cylinders. There was a cake in the oven and three boiling pots on top.

It was a cloudy day with lots of wind, and halfway through the cooking, it began to rain. The parents closed the windows, but the steam gathered inside. They opened them again, but it rained on the stove.

The cooking was stopped. It kept on raining throughout the day, and the birthday party was cancelled.

After seeing their daughter in tears of disappointment, the couple decided to take drastic measures. They called Amazing Exteriors for a solution to their problem.

After careful deliberations, we decided the awning window fit the bill. Its design would keep the rain and the cooking pots’ steam out. It’s sturdy Ultrex Fiberglass frame would ensure its longevity.

Unlike Renewal from Anderson’s fibrex, Marvin’s material is so strong it can only be cut with a diamond edge blade. Infinity from Marvin is so confident in its quality that all windows come with a lifetime warranty.

Combine that with Amazing Exterior’s decades of experience replacing windows, and you know you’re in the right hands.

If you’d like to replace your old windows with brand new awning ones, just give us a call, and we’ll respond immediately.

The couple did, and they are more than happy with their choice. These days, they make a habit out of cooking in the rain. As the father once said, “Our daughter’s smile and the knowledge that we’ve triumphed over nature is worth every cent.”

More Uses for the Right Awning Window

Awning windows are a must have for your home. Are your children’s rooms not lighted enough? Or is it the opposite? Are their windows so big they can’t properly sleep at night?

An awning window set right above your child’s desk will give him the light he needs to study and the air he needs to study well.

Giant curtains are hard to wash and unaesthetic. Instead of covering up the windows, switch them to awning ones instead.

You can have an awning window above the desk and a small casement window above the awning. For ultimate ventilation, open them both. For studying purposes, use just the awning window.

This way, you will have the best ventilation and light while at the same time benefit from a darkened room when sleeping.

At Amazing Exteriors, we have helped thousands of homeowners with the high-quality windows they need to have a comfortable, safe and warm home.

Our windows far outweigh the competition as the most energy-efficient windows on the market.

With our pride and reputation on the line, we promptly respond to all requests and strive to give you the best services and the best replacement windows possible.

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