Special Shape Windows

Choose from thousands of special shape windows to add dimension to your home. We provide 90-Degree Corner Windows, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, pentoid, triangle, and many other geometric shapes. 68 Polygon shapes are available with slim profiles, huge sizes, and flush-frame look – ideal for the contemporary market and window replacement projects.

Special Shaped Windows: Gain Ultimate Design Freedom for your Ultimate Dream House Today

Your home must reflect your personality. It must suit your family’s taste and needs. It must feel at home.

But, how can you express your uniqueness in this standard world of squares and rectangles?

Our ancestors had holes in their walls serving as windows. Later on, those holes were covered with animal hide, wood or cloth.

The technology of using glass for the windows came around much later. It dates from 100 AD. The Egyptian Romans were the first to use it in Alexandria. However, almost a millennium had to pass before the glass processing made it transparent enough to see through it clearly.

Glass became common in the windows of ordinary English homes in the 17th century. Back then, no one dared to dream of a floor-to-ceiling window, whereas nowadays it is more than possible.

We are passed the time when windows were simple holes in the wall covered with a frame and glass. Nowadays, homeowners need more from their windows.\

The Best of Modern Day Window Technology

Today, you can change the look of a home, choosing from virtually endless possibilities at Amazing Exteriors.

You can transform your house into your dream house. You can allow yourself to dream big again.

The superior strength of Ultrex Fiberglass makes possible owning a gigantic window, as large as 49 square feet and with a maximum span of up to 9 feet. This same feature makes our products supremely durable and far superior to the competition.

We are just as concerned about the environment as you are. Therefore, our Ultrex fiberglass is made with partially recycled materials, and requires almost half the amount of energy to produce than vinyl, for example.

Renounce the conventional window architecture and add dimension to your home. At Amazing Exteriors, offer the means to do so with our most versatile design.

More daylight and better views are ensured to your apartment by our narrow window profiles. Choose between 90-Degree Corner Windows, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, triangle and many other geometric shapes to embellish the look of your property. Many of them are operational, with either right-hand or left-hand openings.

We will answer all of your needs and make your new windows match your dreams and your persona.

The window frames will make your home unique. The unique shapes come with many design possibilities to bring out your house’s best features. You get to choose from an extensive selection of glass and divided lite options or even have a pattern custom made to fit your needs perfectly.

For your replacement projects, we offer you the freedom to create almost any window arrangement you desire. We display 68 Polygon shapes available with slim profiles, huge sizes, and flush-frame look. Despite their narrow frame, these specially shaped units are built to perform. As all Marvin products, they are energy efficient, conferring a high insulation level due to the One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass.

The Ultrex fiberglass material, of our Infinity by Marvin partners, ensures low-maintenance both on the interior and exterior. Committed to quality and highly reliable, our products will outlive all your other windows.

Variety from a multitude of options is nice indeed, but you’re looking to make your home stand out in the community. So, take an interest in Marvin’s signature options. Your dreams will become reality while you’ll be provided with custom solutions. The project will be realized with unparalleled service and tremendous attention to detail.

Raving Marvin Windows Fan

The KK Residence in Santa Rosa, California, is one of Marvin’s Signature Options prideful projects. Even though it has a small footprint, this construction has a big aesthetic impact. The design blends two floors together with double-height window walls and gives another meaning to special shaped windows.

Merging slim frame profiles with large areas of glass was possible thanks to custom sizing. The 1,768 square feet home has a razor-sharp appearance, conventional walls being nearly inexistent in its structure.

The owner, Kent Chilcott, wanted custom asymmetrical archtops to add a boom to the project. He skillfully combined living and functional spaces to work in tandem with a limited footprint. The spectacular is present both in and out of this remarkable house. The futuristic design and the window walls impress the eyes on the outside, while the same walls provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding valleys from the inside.

Use Special Shaped Windows to Turn Your House into a Home

Mister Chilcott got his dream home. How does yours look like? We can use Marvin’s technology to bring your dream construction to life the same way the KK Residence appeared.

The customization we offer goes beyond size, shape and lite design for all the unique shaped windows. A large selection of interior and exterior finish options is available on either wood shades or clad coloring. For the exterior, you can benefit from the Marvin Custom Colors program and name your choice. Present your inspiration and you get the color your heart desires with your chosen name and a 20-year warranty.

For a complete customization, you can opt for exterior casings and jamb extensions for the interior. The outer casings enhance the profile and architectural detail of your home, while the frame extensions increase the depth of the window to accommodate the thickness of the wall on the interior.

With a home that defines you and reflects your personality, you will feel more comfortable and happier, which also means healthier. Better insulation, lighting, airflow and view: your needs are our call. Amazing Exteriors will answer them all. Order your specially shaped windows today.

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