Glider Windows

The Ultimate Glider window brings quality craftsmanship, modern styling and a streamlined look to any home. Featuring an ergonomic handle and sleek hardware for easy operation, the Ultimate Glider’s slim profile is a great space-saving alternative with all the energy efficiency benefits of a traditional window.

Glider Windows: The Modern Homeowner’s Choice

Not every homeowner can find a place for glider windows. Truth be told, they are not designed for just anyone. They are modern windows, efficient, and subtle. Though they work on all homes, big and small, it takes a keen eye to use them to their full potential.

Take a moment to imagine your dream house. Is it big or small, spacious or cramped? Most people think of their dream home as a giant villa, with a modern look and a beautiful interior. Of course, that may be outside your budget, but there are ways to build your home towards it.

The rooms can be enlarged. You could build another floor. But before you start working on the inside, why not give it the “look” first? Why not motivate yourself by making the simple renovations you need to make your house look like a palace? You can repaint the walls, replace the sidings or change your windows. Either of these will make your home anew.

Do your windows reek of old, of used and of cheap? Choose our Glider Windows to be your replacement. They are the perfect alternative to your old casements and will bring your home into the 21st century. Not only will they give your home a modern look you’ve been looking for, but here at Amazing Exteriors the price is reasonable, and the quality is off the charts.

Amazing Exteriors is partners with Marvin, America’s best window manufacturer.

These days, most windows are made out of either vinyl or fibrex. They last for a few years and look ok. They are resistant to the elements and don’t require much maintenance.

But, although we can provide you with such windows, Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex Fiberglass is a material many times more resistant, esthetic and low maintenance.

So, why settle for less? To get in touch, visit our contact page or call us.

Of course, many of you are not looking to build a dream house, but an ideal apartment. Not everybody is concerned with looks. Some of us value practicality over all.

So, let’s think things through. Your windows must keep the light and air in while keeping the rain out.

Regardless of what type of window you choose, your house will be perfectly insulated for the winter thanks to Marvin’s workmanship and Amazing Exteriors’ flawless installation.

Better yet, they will also keep the hot air out while the air conditioner is cooling your home in those super-warm summer days.

However, there are things only some windows can do. If you open a casement window towards the inside of your home, it will steal space and your kids will bump into it. If your casements open towards the outside of your apartment, you will have to risk your life every time you clean them. Not many among us enjoy leaning off our fourth-floor balcony, so why not get a glider window instead?

Marvin’s sliding windows are detachable, easy to clean and maintain. You can choose to open them slightly, or simply leave a hole in your wall without having to worry about space or anything of the sort.

By removing them from their frame, you can even take your glider windows to the bathroom and give them a shower.

You will no longer need a handyman close to detach them. Simply take out the operating sash and you are good to go. The sliding part of your window is ready for cleaning.

Shiny and spotless windows will wake up the jealousy in all of your neighbors. Forget about the hustle of hanging over your balcony to clean them. Opting for our gliding windows will not only benefit the exterior of your home, but it will enlarge the list of your interior design possibilities as well.

Need more room for a bigger flat screen TV, a new armoire, a baby crib, a larger desk or a bookcase? After the installation of your new windows with the perfect gliding system designed by Marvin, your worries will cease to exist. Rearrange your furniture and bring in whatever suits your needs best.

You’ll have plenty of light and fresh air and no lost space in your apartment. Plus, your home will benefit from a boost in image due to the contemporary style of our products. All thanks to Amazing Exteriors and our Marvin Glider Windows.

You can sit comfortably and enjoy life. Even though they can be easily opened with one hand, you and your belongings are safe.

For your protection, Marvin has created a two-point concealed lock. Far superior to the competition, it’s a thief’s worst nightmare.

If you’re asking yourself why to choose Amazing Exteriors over the Anderson Company, simply come to our showroom. The quality, design, and specifications of our Marvin replacement windows speak for themselves.

Choose our revolutionary glider windows and pride yourself with the perfect view from the coziness of your favorite armchair. Exceptionally energy-efficient windows, extremely durable casements, easy installation and the best professional advice on the market are just a call away.

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