Double Hung Windows

Infinity from Marvin’s popular, versatile, state-of-the-art Double Hung window. These windows feature authentic looking lines and hardware, effortless tilt for easy cleaning, classic looks, and optimum energy efficiency. They also come with the option of a rectangular sash or round top variation.
For generations, the smart homeowner has used double hung windows to keep the warm air in and the high bills out. The air conditioner stays off more, and the guests stay put as they marvel at your home’s beautiful new look.

The double hung windows work great for apartments. It gives them a rustic feel that fits perfectly with current trends.

Homeowners have reported savings up to 30% on heating bills thanks to these windows. This makes them ideal for those frequently cool rooms, seemingly made of ice. Also, those made of Ultrex fiberglass are notoriously resilient to the elements and everything else they might experience over the years.

You can grab your windows at Amazing Exteriors, your local Infinity by Marvin dealer. We pride ourselves on giving the best service while staying clear of the high-pressure sales tactics used by Anderson and other such window companies.

History of the Double Hung Windows

Created after the great fire of 1666, Robert Hooke’s invention helped rebuild London from the ashes. The window soon became a hit. When the British came to America, they brought it with them.

Being harder to build than casement windows, double hung windows were the choice of the rich and powerful. They signaled positions of power in the community.

Time passed, and the Victorian and Gothic Revival eras boosted their fame even further.

While the romantic revival architects did prefer casement windows for a more medieval look, they did not last for long. Only the appearance of sliding windows in the 1950’s slowed down the double-hung window’s production. Still, you are bound to see them in most buildings today, the white house included.

Double Hung Windows May Keep your Children Safer

One of the major reasons for their popularity is that double hung windows give their owners the simple, yet brilliant, option of opening either their bottom or their top. This allows for better ventilation. However, this also keeps pets and small children from doing something foolish.

There was an article recently about a 5-year-old boy who died pretending to be Spider-man. After his mother had stopped him from watching the second installment of the movie, he went to his room and locked it from the inside. He was obviously upset, the police declared.

Investigations are still running their course, but the following scenario is quite possible. The child couldn’t watch the movie, so he tried to re-enact it instead. He was known for pretending to be Iron Man and Captain America.

One thing led to another, and the boy got to the window. If however, a window would have been placed higher or if it a double hung window had been installed for this boy’s safety – with the bottom half shut, then this tragedy could likely have been averted.

The Best Home Windows

Open windows are a safety hazard, but poorly produced and installed windows are worst.

You never know when those weak hinges might break in a storm, and you’ll wake up to a free midnight shower. How can you keep your windows closed when the frames fall on their own?

When searching for replacement windows, choose your dealer wisely. Some companies, like Renewal by Anderson, up sell their windows by pressuring customers and wasting their time with three hour long presentations.

Other competitive brands offer vinyl double hung windows that wear down the faster. Though even the weakest of windows should last a few years, replacing them is not something you want to do that often.

A homeowner needs long lasting windows and quality service. It is with these two in mind that we created Amazing Exteriors. Since 1989, the company has remodeled over 200,000 homes.

Alternatives to vinyl windows are those made of vinyl/wood composites known as Fibrex. These are more resilient than vinyl windows and better in appearance. However, companies offer a limited warranty on them, and you can still do better.

Marvin’s Ultrex Fiberglass, a patented, maintenance free, material that far exceeds its competitors, makes our windows of Infinity. They excel in durability, weather resistance, appearance and, color. In fact, Infinity by Marvin is so confident in its durability that your double hung windows come with a lifetime limited replacement warranty.

At Amazing Exteriors, we equip everyday houses and apartments with the best windows the market can offer. We also work on unique projects, and help architects bring their visions to life.

Double hung windows should be low-maintenance, energy efficient and custom made to your needs. They should not need to be replaced. If windows are dated and are falling apart, you need a better solution to handle your job.

At Amazing Exteriors, we work with our reputations on the line and the future in mind. Our work speaks for itself.

Amazing Testimonial:

“When Amazing Exteriors finished the house, every neighbor that was walking their dog or drove by commented on how great the house looked. That made us feel great.” Jim Zouglas

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