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If you’ve ever worn a suit off the rack, and then later splurge on yourself for a custom suit by a tailor, you know first-hand what a big difference there is between the two. Not only does it fit better and last longer, it looks and functions better too.

You will get the same great results with replacement windows! Some people head to big box hardware stores and decide to buy windows off the shelf in bulk to save money. While this may save you a few bucks now, you’ll likely end up losing that savings (and more) in energy loss and discomfort. Truth is, off-the-shelf windows are – like anything else you buy from a store without measurements – available in cookie cutter sizes that don’t necessarily match the dimensions of your window openings at home.

Affordability and convenience may sound good to you on the surface, but those claims from big box stores are often exaggerated and untrue. Trust us: save yourself the headache and expense of DIY window installation and just hire a window replacement contractor who specializes in installing made-to-order products on the daily.

Here are some of the main reasons why custom windows are a better choice all the way around than off-the-shelf windows.

Custom Windows Are More Cost Effective Over the Long Term

While you may save some cash right now with off-the-shelf products, you will end up shelling out much more over time due to failing windows and high energy bills. Now you have to tackle a costly window replacement project that you could’ve avoided if you had just gone with custom windows to begin with.

Made-to-order window costs will vary by type and features, but this actually makes it easier to plan your budget when you can control your bottom line.

Custom Windows Can Be Personalized

When you order custom windows, you can tell the designers exactly what features you want included, which you can’t do with stock products available only in limited colors, sizes, and shapes.

Custom Windows Have Fewer Air Leaks

Window replacement contractors will take many parameters into account when measuring and cutting your custom windows, such as the size of your existing window openings. As a result, your new windows are much less likely to leak over time. But when you opt for undersized stock products from the store, you will need to add extra sealant to prevent air infiltration. Sounds OK, but don’t forget that sealants deteriorate faster than the actual window, so you’ll be applying sealant far more often than you wanted to.

Custom Windows Can Be Installed Quickly

Installation is faster when windows don’t have to be resized to fit into the existing opening. If you hire a contractor to install your cookie cutter windows from the store, on the other hand, it could take several days for a whole-house installation as opposed to a 12-hour day. Not only do you pay less in labor costs, this equals less disruption for your household.

Custom Windows Adhere to Building Codes

Proper window sizing and modern glass technology will ensure your window replacement project meets current building codes.

Custom Windows Come With Personalized Service

When you buy stock units that have been mass-produced and sold by untrained salespeople, you’re missing out on the attention to detail and expertise you would otherwise receive from a skilled trades person. When you hire a licensed and insured window replacement contractor, you get assurances of quality work, a precise fit and personalized knowledge.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Custom Replacement Windows

Now that you know the many benefits of installing custom windows over off-the-shelf products, you can book your window replacement project in Texas. Just contact us at 512-428-8417 for a free quote today.

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