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Marvin Infinity Windows Install

At Amazing Exteriors, we want the quality of your window replacement experience to match the quality of our great windows. Over the years we have established a clearly defined, step-by-step installation process to help ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards. We want you to have confidence that your new windows are installed to exacting specifications so that you will be able to enjoy many years of superior performance and value. 

When the day comes for the installation of your new windows here is what to expect:

Step 1 – On Time Arrival: We don’t make you wait around for a four-hour “window” of when our crew might arrive. Expect us at the time we are scheduled to be at your home, ready to get to work.

Step 2 – Prepare and Protect: Providing protection for your home and property is very important. We cover furniture, lay down tarps, and protect the windowsills to catch unexpected broken glass or falling debris. Plus, we’ll cover exterior bushes and shrubbery.

Step 3 – Window Removal: Taking out your old windows sets the stage for your new windows. We start by cutting the caulking, and removing the balancing system, operable sash, and the horizontal locking bar. Removing the old glass is a key safety concern, so we take our time to heat up the old sealant and extract the glass using special glazing tools. We carefully remove the old frame to minimize any damage to walls.  

Step 4 – Prepare Opening: We make sure the window opening is completely clear of any debris such as old mortar, caulking, nails, and insulation. Then we use a vacuum to clean up the smaller particles.

Step 5 – Placement of New Window: Once the old window is fully removed, we are ready to install the new one. Each unit is carefully positioned within the prepared opening.

Step 6 – Alignment and Attaching the Window: Our skilled installation craftspeople align your new window squarely in the opening using composite shims, then securely attach the window to the structure of the house.

Step 7 Insulate Around the Frame: To seal against air infiltration, we use a fine point foaming gun to insert expanding insulation into even the smallest openings. The sealant is the first line of defense against wind, rain, and other harsh elements. We use a sealant/adhesive to provide the best long-term protection. The expanding foam insulation creates an effective air and water barrier.

Step 8 – Clean the Window: We want you to start with the best and clearest view! We take the time to thoroughly clean all glass surfaces as well as the frame and sash.

Step 9 – Clean the Job Site: Our customers constantly tell us how impressed they are with the way our installation team does such a thorough and complete job of cleaning up the entire site, from removing debris to wiping down surfaces that may have accumulated dust.

Step 10 – Window Operation Instruction: Many of our windows come with remarkable features such as tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning, enhanced security locking mechanisms, or easy-to-use opening and closing mechanisms. We take the time to show you how your new windows work so that you’ll get the most enjoyment and value from them.

From start to finish, Amazing Exteriors is the best choice for new replacement windows in the United States. Let us show you how much value we can bring to the window replacement experience!

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