What Makes Fiberglass the Best Material for Your Window Frames?

If you are confused by the many different window frame materials available, we have some simple advice: choose the frame material that is the strongest, most durable, and requires the lowest maintenance. That perfectly describes the fiberglass frames on the Infinity by Marvin® replacement windows installed by Amazing Exteriors, making them the smart choice for window replacement.

The amazingly durable fiberglass Marvin uses in their window frames and door frames are a major reason they are the most reliable and highest performing products we have found. It is high technology put to good use in your home.

Fiberglass offers several important advantages over vinyl, aluminum, or wood windows:

  • Fiberglass is as strong as steel8 times stronger than vinyl, 3 times stronger than wood, and 3 times stronger than composite materials used in other replacement windows. This strength is demonstrated in impact resistance, which allows a fiberglass frame window to stand up to dings, dents, and chips; plus, a fiberglass frame will not warp, bend, or crack.
  • Because of the superior strength of fiberglass Marvin can make their window frames narrower, providing 30% more glass area than other windows. You’ll get to see more of the world!
  • Fiberglass is thermoset, which means it is cured and hardened immediately upon being formed. As a result of this process a fiberglass window will retain its shape in freezing temperatures, or in the sultry summer heat.
  • Vinyl and vinyl/wood composite windows can sag, warp, and deform when exposed to the temperature variations we experience on a regular basis in Texas.
  • Fiberglass is silica sand-based, a safe and natural resource that is abundant and fully compliant with the Clean Air Act.
  • Fiberglass frames use less mass in manufacturing, leading to a lower conductivity and thereby higher energy efficiency. Fiberglass essentially does not conduct heat or cold, increasing energy efficiency and lowering your heating and cooling costs.

You simply cannot get a frame for replacement windows in Dallas that is stronger, more durable, or offers better thermal performance than an Infinity by Marvin fiberglass frame installed by Amazing Exteriors.

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