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What’s the Difference Between Double Hung and Single Hung Windows?

Both single-hung and double-hung windows are popular with homeowners. They have many similarities in common, but also some key differences. Let’s look at both types of replacement windows so you can decide which is better for your home.

Single-Hung Window

Also called a single-sash window, a single hung window has a lower, operable sash offset by an upper, fixed sash. Essentially, the bottom part of the window will slide up and down for ventilation, but the top stays stationary.

Double-Hung Window

Also called a double-sash window, a double hung window has two operable sashes that will slide up and down, both of which can provide ventilation. Due to the fact that heat rises, warm interior air can escape from the top sash, while cooler air from outside will flow inside through the lower sash. This is why you’ll often see them on two-story homes.

Cost Differences

Single-hung windows are usually less expensive than double-hung windows simply because there are fewer moving parts. Material also affects pricing. For example, wood is the most expensive material for frames because of its natural look and personalization opportunities. Vinyl is the least expensive material, with low maintenance requirements.

Traditional vs. Modern

Single-hung windows are the more common style simply because they’ve been around for much longer, and have been used in home construction since the 17th century, says Bob Vila. This is why you will see single-hung windows being used in the restoration of older, historic homes. Double-hung windows offer a more modern style so you see them used a lot in newer homes.

How to Choose Between a Single-Hung or Double-Hung Window

Here are some things to think about when making the decision on which one to install in your home.

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Double-hung windows are the easiest to clean because you can tilt them in and out — particularly convenient on upper floors.
  • Ventilation: Double hung windows offer more opportunity for ventilation, as both sashes open as opposed to one.
  • Cost: As said above, a single-hung window is less expensive than a double-hung.
  • Energy efficiency: Both are equally as good at achieving energy efficiency, but single-hung windows are slightly more efficient due to fewer moving parts that can introduce air leaks.
  • Installation: Double-hung windows are more complex to install than single-hung.
  • Size: Double-hung windows come in larger sizes – as large as six feet wide by 12 feet tall. As you can imagine, bigger windows allow more natural light to stream into the home as well as increase ventilation.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Replacement Windows

Our designers and installers can help you decide between a double hung or single hung window for your home. For the highest versatility and functionality, we typically recommend double hung windows. Just contact us to book a consultation and get a free quote today.


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