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While you can get away with window replacement in any season, the ideal time of year to replace your windows is late spring and summer. Hiring professionals for window replacement in the summer will ensure a better choice of contractor availability, warm weather, and ease of installation.

It’s best to replace your windows when the weather is warm, but you don’t want it too scorching hot. That’s why late spring and early summer are best. The mild weather will ensure no cold drafts enter your home when the window areas are all wide open. Just be sure to expect weather-related delays, as summer is known for its thunderstorms.

Here are some reasons why it’s best to replace windows now.

Energy Efficiency

If your old windows have gaps and are leaking energy, replacing them now will ensure you can keep all that cool conditioned air inside your home this summer. After all, that’s probably why you are getting new windows in the first place! Energy efficiency is the main reason you should book window replacement in spring/summer.

Now your HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to keep your comfort levels consistent, thus reducing your energy bills.

Storm Season

Although summer is known for its sudden, violent, rain, thunder and hail storms, spring is the perfect time to strengthen your windows and frames with advanced features like impact-resistant glass. Texas and surrounding states are vulnerable to hurricanes during hurricane season, which is June 1 to November 30. Replace your windows now to provide the utmost protection.


Summer weather makes it more pleasant for your roofers to perform window replacement projects. In winter, they have to work faster to remove your old windows and install the new ones into their openings in an effort to save on energy. Once your summer installation project is complete, you can look forward to many months of new, highly-functioning windows and screens so you can get the most sunshine and fresh air – without the bugs.

It’s also easier to clean your new windows in summer because you can take your time tilting them out and doing a thorough clean. They’ll dry faster out in the sun, too.


Caulk has an easier time adhering in warmer weather conditions than in the cold, and it also flows more smoothly and evenly. Some materials (i.e., vinyl) expand in warm weather while contracting in the cold. “Movement of the substrate” can occur when you apply caulk to windows in cold weather, causing them to crack and split when contracting.

Property Value

Thinking of selling your home anytime soon? Installing new windows now will give your property value a boost, with a better selling price in the end. According to HomeLight, you could get $9,700 more at resale, which translates to an 81 percent ROI.

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