5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Often times homeowners don’t think about replacing their windows until a problem has occurred; perhaps one of your kids’ rogue baseballs crashed through the living room or you recognized your existing windows aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

However, ignoring your windows for years on end could be costing you money or just making your home uncomfortable.

Read on as we highlight some common issues associated with poor quality windows and signs it’s time to replace. When was the last time you checked the condition of your windows?

Many homeowners have been in their homes so long they don’t even think to check or perhaps you’ve been more focused on another home project, like painting the bathrooms or buying new furniture.

If your home has aluminum or wood framed windows, you may not even notice the problems they cause. Homes that are over 20 years old with the original windows are typically due for an upgrade, but there are some easy ways to check. Here’s when to know it’s time to replace your windows.

1. You Feel a Draft

Up to 25% of a home’s heat escapes through the windows. If you touch your windows and can feel the cold outside or there’s a draft when you stand nearby (compared with the rest of your home) then you should consider replacing your windows. When you have high-quality windows, the outside weather will stay where it belongs.

2. It’s Noisy Inside

Stand by the windows in your home and listen.

  • Can you hear the cars outside?
  • A person talking a few doors down?

Single-pane, and sometimes double-pane windows, will carry sound vibrations from outside into your home.

This noise can be annoying and disturb the peace and quiet inside. Truly efficient windows will absorb sound waves and block them from entering your space.

3. Poor Operation

Can you even open and close (without struggling) the windows in your home? If even a small amount of force is necessary or they’re painted or swollen shut, it’s time to replace.

Wood windows are often guilty of this. Whatever the reason is, opening your windows shouldn’t count as your arm exercise for the day.

4. Visible Damage

We know that some of our other warning signs require work on your end to determine if it’s time to replace, but this is a clear red flag.

  • Chipping
  • Frame deterioration
  • Broken glass
  • Visible water stains on or around the window
  • A warped or broken frame

Have you noticed any of these issues? Replace the window, or you may see the comfort of your home affected.

5. Condensation

Is it common for you to see fog or condensation build up on your windows? Not all condensation is bad, but some kinds should cause concern.

If there’s condensation between two panes of glass, that’s bad and may indicate that the seals have failed and can lead to leaky windows.

Our team of experts can review your windows and advise if the condensation you’re dealing with is bad or not.

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Have you noticed any of the above issues with your windows at home? Even if you haven’t it’s worth having a professional take a look.

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We can assess the current state of your windows and take you through our different offerings, like Infinity from Marvin.

  • Do you find yourself turning up the thermostat in the winter and broiling inside in the summer? It may be time to consider replacing your home’s old, drafty windows with new energy efficient windows. Replacing your home’s windows will save you money, protect your valuables and make you more comfortable in your home.

Save Money

The most obvious reason to replace old windows is to save money. Energy Star, the partnership between the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, estimates that installing Energy Star rated windows, doors and skylights could save a family as much as 30 percent on their home heating and cooling costs each year. Those significant savings add up over time and quickly make the investment in new windows worth the expense.

In addition to saving money on your monthly utility bill, you also help reduce your impact on the environment. When you use less energy to heat and cool your home, you help put fewer greenhouse gasses and other pollutants into the climate. Energy efficiency is an investment in your future as well as your checkbook.

Protect Your Valuables

Have you ever seen the damage sun can do to hardwood floors, photographs, drapes and other valuables? Prolonged exposure to sunlight will visibly fade these organic materials reducing not only their monetary value but their sentimental value as well. Older, clear glass windows don’t protect against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays streaming into your home.

The replacement windows installed by Amazing Exteriors are available with Low-E glass, a protective coating that acts like sunscreen for your house. These coatings reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet light entering your windows without reducing the visible light. Your valuables will be protected for years to come.

Home Comfort

We all want to be comfortable in our homes. No one wants to be chilly in the winter or swelter in the summer. But older windows leak outside air into your home around the frames and right through the glass. Put your hand up to the window frame on a cool day. If the glass is cold or you can feel a breeze, your windows are not doing their job. Energy efficient windows keep warm air in your house in the winter and block heat from getting in during the summer. That way, your thermostat isn’t running up and down like a roller coaster, and you won’t find yourself pulling on a sweater and putting on another pair of socks in the winter or sweating in the summer.

There are so many great reasons to switch to newer energy efficient windows that keeping older windows just doesn’t make sense. Get cozy in your house and add money to your wallet by upgrading your windows this season.

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