Everything You Need to Know About Marvin Replacement Windows

Marvin Infinity Windows Install
  • Choosing new windows for your home does not need to be an intimidating proposition. Still, the broad array of window styles, frame materials, glass options – amplified by the competing claims made by window manufacturers and installation companies – can create confusion and doubt.

We’re here to clear up the confusion and end the doubt. Quite simply, no other window offers a better combination of value and performance than you’ll receive when you choose Marvin Windows. And no other window installation contractor knows Marvin Windows as well as Amazing Exteriors. We’re an unbeatable combination!

“Windows Built for How You Live”

Marvin Windows outperform, outlast, and outshine any other replacement windows on the market. Offering a wide range of aesthetics and customizable to any climate, there is a style of Marvin Window that is perfect for any room in your home. Marvin’s focus on high-quality materials across their wide product line ensures that, no matter which window style you choose, you’ll get the very best. 

Marvin Windows offers the following replacement window styles:

Double Hung Windows

Casement Windows

Bay and Bow Windows

Glider Windows

Awning Windows

Round Top Windows

Specialty Shape Windows

Tilt Turn Hopper Windows

When you work with Amazing Exteriors and our team of certified Marvin Window experts, we’ll help guide you through every window style to choose the right shape and aesthetic for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows can help reduce your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. How? By slowing the loss of energy through your windows, you can make a significant impact on how much you spend on home heating and cooling costs. That’s why it is important that your new replacement windows are made of materials that create an effective thermal barrier to minimize energy transfer between your home and the outside.

Marvin Windows offers a wide range of high-performance energy efficient windows, focusing on materials that are built to last without making a lasting imprint on the environment. They best part? With Marvin Window’s virtually endless selection of styles, you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics just to get the energy performance your home needs


    The same stunning window will also carry the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label and a top ENERGY STAR rating. Various performance ratings – like U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – measure a product’s effectiveness in insulating and blocking heat from the sun, among other things. These are factors in which Marvin windows perform exceedingly well, ensuring that your new windows will deliver exceptional thermal performance.  

    Curb Appeal: Make the Neighbors Do a Double Take!

    Marvin Windows offers an innovative line of replacement windows, ranging from traditional Double Hung to European-style tilt and turn. Their replacement windows are elegantly designed to draw the eye and boost the curb appeal of any home., which can in turn add to the resale value of the home should that become an option you explore.

    Installing Marvin replacement windows can make a bold statement that will turn heads, or it can be a subtle change that adds to the home environment you’ve worked so hard to create – the choice is yours. With the expert guidance of the Amazing Exteriors team you’ll have no problem finding the right replacement window to boost the curb appeal of your home.

    Expert Installation from Amazing Exteriors

    Whether replacing one window or every window in your home, there is a lot to factor in. Replacement windows will last in your home for years to come, so making the right decision is crucial. That is why the expert team at Amazing Exteriors has trained so hard to offer both trusted guidance in choosing a window and unparalleled craftsmanship in installing replacement windows. From day one our team will be readily available to discuss any aspect of the replacement window process. And when the time comes, and all the decisions have been made, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beautiful, energy efficient Marvin Windows will be installed by high skilled, fully trained experts.

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    Ready to start choosing your Marvin replacement windows? Amazing exteriors offers both safe, in-home estimates or virtual appointments to answer your questions and discuss your home improvement project. Virtual appointments can be by phone, tablet or computer. 

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    Awning Windows

    Let the fresh air in while keeping the rain out with Infinity from Marvin’s Awning window. Designed for quality, The Ultimate Cranking Awning adds light

    Bay and Bow Windows

    Bring light and space into any room with the beautiful look of Infinity from Marvin Bay & Bow windows. The craftsmanship and customization options enhance

    Casement Windows

    Easily update your home and increase energy efficiency with Infinity from Marvin’s Casement windows. These contemporary windows work well for old vinyl or aluminum window

    Double Hung Windows

    Infinity from Marvin’s popular, versatile, state-of-the-art Double Hung window. These windows feature authentic looking lines and hardware, effortless tilt for easy cleaning, classic looks, and

    Glider Windows

    The Ultimate Glider window brings quality craftsmanship, modern styling and a streamlined look to any home. Featuring an ergonomic handle and sleek hardware for easy

    Round Top Windows

    You can select from over 60 different Round Top shapes for design flexibility. It has the aesthetics to stand alone and the compatibility to be

    Special Shape Windows

    Choose from thousands of special shape windows to add dimension to your home. We provide 90-Degree Corner Windows, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, pentoid, triangle, and many

    Tilt Turn & Hopper Windows

    The Tilt Turn window can swing in like a door or tilt into your room for ventilation. It is a great window for emergency exit

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