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Integrity Windows and Doors

See and Feel the Difference

Amazing Exteriors brings Integrity Windows & Doors. At our local showrooms, you can see for yourself the durable products of the world’s largest manufacturer of windows and doors.

The durability of Integrity products is ensured by the innovative Ultrex fiberglass, a pultruded fiberglass construction material, highly superior to both roll-form aluminum and vinyl. The facts speak for themselves. Ultrex® is as tough as steel, being three times stronger than wood/vinyl composites and eight times stronger than vinyl.

Ultrex® is stable even in extreme temperatures. It is resistant to harsh corrosives and UV, having a useful life expectancy roughly 38% higher than vinyl. It expands almost at the same pace with glass, which ensures the window’s seal and makes any leakage hazard non-existent.

Integrity is revolutionizing the industry. Their products are built to last, so you can enjoy a lifetime of low maintenance windows and doors.

You get it all without having to sacrifice on design. Integrity products will surpass the performance of your current doors and windows while answering to the aesthetic requirements of your project, as they come either in real wood interiors or in an all fiberglass construction. The mechanically bonded finish of Ultrex® made products is superior and consistent. Being three times thicker than competitive finishes, it ensures high longevity and beauty. It can be painted in a wide range of colors without voiding the warranty.

Durability was what Integrity aimed for when it developed their revolutionary, patented, coating process. Thanks to this innovation, their products look as good as they are tough. As time passes by, your windows and doors will look just as beautiful as when they were installed, with minimum effort from your part.

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The ENERGY STAR® qualifications are met in any climate, due to the high-performance LoE® glazing options of Integrity Windows. Winter sunlight is absorbed and conducted indoors, whereas summer sunlight is filtered and reflected back outdoors.

Your home stays cooler in the summer and retains the heat during winter, keeping your money out of the energy provider’s bank account and in yours.

Think about your children. You don’t have to worry about compromising Earth’s health for your comfort and luxury. Ultrex® is manufactured with less energy consumption than vinyl and is made out of silica sand, a renewable safe resource.

While answering to your strength, durability and efficiency high standards, Integrity Windows & Doors are available in all shapes and sizes to meet your architectural needs. Buy Integrity products from our Amazing Amazing Exteriors office in Austin, and you’ll get worry-free, long lasting, smart and tough doors and windows for your home.