6 Reasons You Should Invest In a Storm Door

We often overlook our home’s doors and their role in our homes. When you invest in a quality storm door, you’re protecting your home and can enjoy an enhancement that can last decades.

There are a few reasons and benefits to adding a storm door to your home, and today that’s exactly what we’ll cover. Functionality and aesthetics are equally important when it comes to your doors.

At Amazing Exteriors, we only carry the best quality doors from the most reputable brands. Here are some ways in which our custom storm doors can add value to your property.

1. Protects Your Front Door

Do you live in an area that receives a lot of rain? Long hours of sunlight? Harsh winters?

Whatever elements you’re home has to face, a storm door can shield your door and help you save money from repairs or maintenance throughout the seasons.

2. Adds Security

Your new storm door will provide one more barrier between the outside world and your home. Plus, the quality doors we use come equipped with a locking mechanism for extra security.

3. Enhances Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Front doors are a huge source of air leakage in many homes. Installing a storm door can be the pocket of insulation your home needs to maximize energy savings.

4. Keeps Bugs Out of Your Home

Everyone loves a flood of natural light into their homes, but the little critters and insects that can come with that is not so appealing.

If you like to keep your doors open to let in that natural light, a storm door is the perfect way to brighten things up while keeping bugs out and even your pets in!

5. Offers a Cost-Effective Alternative

Has your exterior door seen better days? If it’s not as young as it used to be, installing a storm door can be an easier option than replacing the exterior door, and it will help preserve your exterior door!

6. Upgrades Your Home’s Style

Even if you feel your home is energy-efficient and secure, adding a storm door is an excellent way to add some style without the commitment, or budget, of a big renovation. We offer various designs and style options that can meet your needs!

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  • Do you find yourself turning up the thermostat in the winter and broiling inside in the summer? It may be time to consider replacing your home’s old, drafty windows with new energy efficient windows. Replacing your home’s windows will save you money, protect your valuables and make you more comfortable in your home.

Save Money

The most obvious reason to replace old windows is to save money. Energy Star, the partnership between the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, estimates that installing Energy Star rated windows, doors and skylights could save a family as much as 30 percent on their home heating and cooling costs each year. Those significant savings add up over time and quickly make the investment in new windows worth the expense.

In addition to saving money on your monthly utility bill, you also help reduce your impact on the environment. When you use less energy to heat and cool your home, you help put fewer greenhouse gasses and other pollutants into the climate. Energy efficiency is an investment in your future as well as your checkbook.

Protect Your Valuables

Have you ever seen the damage sun can do to hardwood floors, photographs, drapes and other valuables? Prolonged exposure to sunlight will visibly fade these organic materials reducing not only their monetary value but their sentimental value as well. Older, clear glass windows don’t protect against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays streaming into your home.

The replacement windows installed by Amazing Exteriors are available with Low-E glass, a protective coating that acts like sunscreen for your house. These coatings reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet light entering your windows without reducing the visible light. Your valuables will be protected for years to come.

Home Comfort

We all want to be comfortable in our homes. No one wants to be chilly in the winter or swelter in the summer. But older windows leak outside air into your home around the frames and right through the glass. Put your hand up to the window frame on a cool day. If the glass is cold or you can feel a breeze, your windows are not doing their job. Energy efficient windows keep warm air in your house in the winter and block heat from getting in during the summer. That way, your thermostat isn’t running up and down like a roller coaster, and you won’t find yourself pulling on a sweater and putting on another pair of socks in the winter or sweating in the summer.

There are so many great reasons to switch to newer energy efficient windows that keeping older windows just doesn’t make sense. Get cozy in your house and add money to your wallet by upgrading your windows this season.

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