How Low-E Glass Can Reduce Energy Loss


You’ve heard about the benefits of replacing your home’s windows with newer, more advanced windows that are made with materials that are stronger and designed to be more energy efficient. But will you really see any benefit from an investment in new windows? The short answer is “Yes!”

Here are the top six reasons why replacing your windows is a good investment in the future of your home and family.


  2. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical home can lose 30% or more of the energy it takes to heat and cool the home through inefficient doors and windows. That means almost one-third of the money you spend on energy bills is wasted. Sealing off this energy loss with thermally efficient replacement windows is a long-term way to reduce your monthly utility bills, and to keep energy use at a minimum. Good for the environment, good for your wallet!


  4. If you get chilly enough to put on a sweater inside your home during the winter, the culprit may be drafty windows. Do you ever notice your drapes moving gently in the breeze, even though your windows are closed? That is cold air seeping in through your window glass and frame. Do your windows get coated with condensation or fog up? That’s chilly air transferring in through the glass. You won’t have to put up with these uncomfortable conditions once you install energy efficient replacement windows.

  6. New windows offer great options in frame styles and materials that can greatly improve the aesthetic value of your home both inside and out. Most replacement windows also offer more expansive glass areas for a bigger and better view of the world.


    2. Modern windows are much easier to operate than the old wood-frame or aluminum windows that rattled all winter and got stuck in the summer’s humidity. Advanced materials ensure smooth operation for years and years.

  3. Vinyl, fiberglass or composite frame windows do not need to be scraped and painted every few years. They retain their great looks with just a simple wipe down. Plus, many new windows feature easy-to-use tilt-in frames that make cleaning a snap.


  5. Installing quality windows is consistently ranked among the best home improvement values in terms of return on investment. New windows make your home more attractive and appealing.

Here at Amazing Exteriors we have installed thousands of windows and created a safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient home for countless customers.!” They are all enjoying the benefits of more attractive, better functioning, and more energy efficient windows.

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When replacing the windows in your home you may encounter windows that feature something called “low-e” glass. What is “low-e” glass? And how does it make your new windows exponentially better?

Introduced in 1979, low-e glass is actually coated with a microscopically thin metal layer that you can see through, but still reflects or absorbs heat energy. The “e” stands for emissivity, which is the relative ability of a surface to emit energy. The thickness of the coating and the inclusion of inert gas (like argon) in the window glass itself dictate how well low-e glass will do the job of reflecting energy and reducing energy transfer.

The sunlight striking your windows actually contains three types of light:

-Visible light is what you can see and provides natural illumination
-Ultraviolet light is invisible, but is what causes your drapes, carpet and upholstered furniture to fade if exposed over a period of time
-Infrared light is actually heat energy from sunlight

A low-e coating on your window glass allows visible light to pass through from the outside but reflects a significant percentage of ultraviolet and infrared light waves. At the same time, the coating prevents heated air from inside your home from escaping to the outside. The result is that your home remains warm, with a temperature that is easier and less expensive to regulate, all winter long.

The reverse happens when the temperatures rise during the summer months. Now the low-e coating works hard to reflect the blazing heat of the sun, while keeping cool, conditioned air inside your home. So you stay cooler and more comfortable.

PPG, one of the country’s leading glassmakers, likens the performance of low-e coated glass to a thermos. A thermos has a silver lining, which reflects the temperature of the drink it contains back in. The temperature is maintained because of the constant reflection that occurs, as well as the insulating benefits that the air space provides between the inner and outer shells of the thermos, which is similar to an insulating glass unit. Since Low-E glass is comprised of extremely thin layers of silver or other low emissivity materials, the same theory applies. The silver low-e coating reflects the interior temperatures back inside, keeping the room warm or cold.

Why is this important to you?

When IR light enters your home, it heats up whatever it touches. Low-e glass reflects this energy, keeping you home cool in the hot summer months. During the colder winter months, when your home heating system is working to keep your family warm, the situation reverses. The low-e glass keeps heat from escaping to the outside by bouncing the heat energy back into your home instead of letting it radiate out like your old, drafty windows.

The heat reflecting properties of “low-e” glass will help keep your energy costs down year ‘round, making them a smart, economical choice when replacing the windows in your home. Amazing Exteriors can install highly effective, yet affordable, low-e replacement windows in your home so you can start saving you money today.

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