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One of the easiest ways to tidy up the curb appeal of your house is to add a new entry door. It may not seem like much, but a new front door can transform not only the entryway but the whole property as well. Read on for the many ways in which a new entry door can transform the look of your home.

A new entry door can…

Help You Sell Your House

If you’re contemplating selling your home in the near future, a big way to get that wow factor without spending a fortune is to add a new front door. If you have a neutral siding color, you may want to go with a bolder color for the door so it really pops. If you already have a bold siding color such as red or black, stick with a neutral color for the door.

New front doors are always a good investment but especially when trying to appeal to potential buyers. People are drawn to well-kept, neat and beautiful homes, and when driving by or parking for your open house, you want to draw them in with a welcoming statement piece.

Boost Your Property Value

In addition to sprucing up your curb appeal, a new front door will boost your property value. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2022, adding a new steel front door can give you a 64 percent return on investment (ROI), giving you a resale value of $1400. Add a fiberglass grand entrance, and you can enjoy a 60 percent ROI, giving you a resale value of $6300.

Add Visual Interest

If you’re going to replace your door, you might as well give it some character and charm so it elevates the beauty of the entire façade. For example, you can add a door with windows, frosted glass panels, etched glass features, or an entryway with sidelights. Heck, you can go one step further and take your one-door entry to a double-door entry for a grand entrance. The possibilities are endless.

Control Privacy and Light

A new front door with glass features can result in a welcoming, light-filled entryway. But you don’t have to compromise your privacy with glass doors. You can choose textured, obscure or decorative glass rather than clear glass. You still get the light yet you retain a certain amount of privacy. From full-light to half-light to quarter-light, it’s easy to achieve the ideal balance of illumination and privacy.

Consider adding sidelights and transoms to your front entryway. Sidelights are vertical glass panels positioned on either side of the door. Transoms are fixed glass windows sitting above the sidelights and door. You can get creative with the transom too, adding rectangular and curved designs.

One more option to consider is a door with blinds-between-the-glass. These are just what they sound like – blinds located in between two panes of glass. You don’t have to dust them and they won’t bend and warp with frequent use. Simply control them with a sliding lever, opening them when you want light and closing them when you need privacy.

There are so many ways in which new front doors can transform the look and feel of your whole home!

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