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If your main goal in re-siding your home is to make it more durable, HardiePlank siding is a great option to consider. HardiePlank siding is the most popular brand of siding in the US, and comes in a variety of types, each one suited to a particular climate region. Because HardiePlank is made of fiber cement, it is more resistant to warping and cracking than wood or vinyl siding. Updating the siding on your house is a one-step approach to improving your home in several ways. Putting on new siding will not only increase the aesthetic quality of your home, but will also strengthen the exterior, make it more energy-efficient, and raise its value. Many sidings will do all of these things, but depending on what you want most for your home, there are several specialized siding options to choose from. Masonry-style siding is a great way to update the look of your house. This type of siding achieves the look of brick or stone without much of the building hassle and expense. It can also be made to match existing masonry to give your home an updated but seamless look. If increased energy-efficiency is your goal, consider using insulated vinyl siding. More durable than wood, vinyl siding is easy to clean and easy to repair, and when it is insulated it creates a quieter and more efficient home. For added efficiency, also consider double pane windows