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Have you seen the commercials on TV touting low cost replacement windows and thought, “Is that price too good to be true?” The answer is, “Yes, it is too good to be true.” Certainly, you can get some type of window at a cut rate price. But is it something you really want in your home? Here’s the truth behind those steeply discounted replacement windows.

The Quality is Very Low

The material used for the frame is likely to be low-grade vinyl with filler ingredients that compromise rigidity and durability. The glass is probably single pane. Or, if it is double pane the gaps between panes is likely to be filled with air instead of inert gas, and improperly sealed (expect them to easily fog up). Locks and seals may be poorly fitted. This is a short-term window that may cause you problems from the start and won’t last much more than 5 years.

With a quality replacement window, you will see and feel the difference. Look for a frame made of pure vinyl and glass with multiple panes, filled with inert gas, and features spacers that seal out cold and heat.

They Won’t Save You Money on Energy

Because cheap windows use low-grade materials, they provide very little in terms of insulation value. Because the frame is not insulated and the panes are glass are sandwiched and sealed around a layer of inert gas, cold and heat will pass right through to infiltrate your home, meaning you may even spend more to regulate interior temperatures.

Legitimate replacement windows include multiple features that are engineered to create an effective thermal barrier to keep you home cooler all summer and warmer all winter. Look for dual- or triple-pane glass with krypton or argon layers, insulated frame and warm edge spacers. For additional performance opt for low-e glass coating that reflects UV rays.

They Just Don’t Look as Good

Because you want your home to look its best, money spent on low quality windows is wasted. Don’t expect much choice when it comes to color or finish. Look carefully at the seams in the frame to see if they are fully joined and smoothly finished. And can you get that low cost window in a larger size for the same price? Not likely.

A brand name replacement window will offer you a wide range of styles, colors and finishes. That includes options like mullion grids, exterior cladding and interior wood finishes. A window replacement project with quality windows can transform the look of your home.

They Might Not Fit

Most of the windows advertised a low, low prices are for a single “one-size-fits-all” model. So unless your home’s windows openings just happen to be exactly the right size, you will probably have to spend extra money on carpentry work to make them fit. Are you ready to open up some new holes in your walls, both inside and out? Or to patch a gap left by a window that is too small?

Spend a little more on a quality window and you can have it custom manufactured to fit perfectly. That avoids extra demolition and also ensure a tighter seal against the weather.

Low Cost Windows are an Advertising Gimmick

Being a smart consumer means knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The cheap prices on low quality replacement windows advertised so loudly are an attempt to get inside your front door so that you can be “upsold” on more expensive features and products. You are much more likely to pay a LOT more for windows that are not much better than the cheapest “loss leader.” Before you sign a contract make sure you look for extras like excessive installation charges, upcharges for different size windows, or hidden shipping or handling fees.

Warranty? What Warranty?

With a low quality window you are much more likely to encounter problems in workmanship, materials and installation issues. Who will cover those additional costs? Without a solid warranty in hand you are probably going to get stuck with the bill. Brand name replacement windows typically come with a strong manufacturer’s warranty on materials, plus a workmanship guarantee from the installation company. Don’t settle for anything less.

Be Cautious and Ask Questions

Not all window replacement advertising is false or meant to mislead. There are legitimate savings you can realize, especially if a reputable company is offering seasonal promotions. But don’t get taken in by empty promises and a slick salesperson. Make sure the window contractor you choose to work with has a good reputation, excellent track record and access to quality windows from a recognized manufacturer. It is your home and your money – spend it wisely.

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