Choosing the Right Replacement Window and the Right Window Replacement Contractor

Don’t look now, but the most popular color for window frames is a rich, dark ebony. Surprised?

Among the latest trends in home design is using black trim around windows and in window frames. As with so many design movements, this started on the West Coast and has migrated eastward. Ebony is the latest extension of that, with a richer, darker tone to truly complement a home’s style. Ebony frames really make a window pop, helping to anchor a room and present a truly classy look.

You might think ebony windows will work only in a contemporary home. But an ebony-framed window has a unique ability to fit into varying styles of architecture, from industrial lofts to modern homes and farmhouses. They can also work just as well on a modern extension, or sometimes even a century-old house in need of a cosmetic upgrade to bring it into the 21st century. Ebony-framed windows can add drama and style to any room’s interior while also creating an elegant look for a home’s exterior.

You don’t have to be daring to choose and ebony frame for your replacement windows. Think of an ebony frame as an always-in-style “little black dress” for your windows

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Replacement windows come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and so do the window replacement contractors! How does a homeowner decide not only which replacement windows to choose but also which window replacement contractor to hire?

Many homeowners are concerned with the appearance of their home and recognize that window replacement can add curb appeal to their residence. Adding a bay window or greenhouse window can dramatically change the facade of your home. But that change can be good or bad depending on the quality of the installed work.

Installing replacement windows is not rocket science but choosing the right window replacement contractor can be tricky. The first thing is to decide what type of replacement windows you want. Visit the showroom of a local window replacement contractor. Look at their sample displays. Do you want wood, vinyl, aluminum framed replacement windows? What about clear glass, frosted glass or a low-e coated window?

Every homeowner is concerned about rising heating and air conditioning bills. Installing energy efficient replacement windows and doors can reduce your heating and cooling costs anywhere from 15-40% according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Consider replacement windows with a low-e coating. This coating will reduce any heat coming through your window without reducing the amount of light. Verify that the replacement windows you choose are Energy Star rated with double or triple glazing and argon or krypton gas between the layers.

Once you’ve decided on the type of window, styles and glass, it’s time to decide on the contractor. Many contractors offer window replacement, but all window replacement companies are not created equal!

Purchasing the best replacement windows is useless if they are installed improperly. Check references. Make sure that the window replacement contractor has insurance as well as a license. Confirm that the replacement window and door manufacturer has certified the contractor. This is important because it may affect your warranty.

Replacing your windows and doors is an investment in your home. Evaluate your options and invest wisely.

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