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Window Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Windows in Top Condition

Keeping your windows clean and well-maintained on a regular basis will ensure they last as long as they were intended to. From cleaning the glass to caring for the frames, we will discuss some basic window maintenance tips that will ensure they stay in top condition.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

The easiest way to prevent damage to your windows is to regularly clean them. For wooden windows, remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Don’t saturate the frames with water or this could lead to rot. For vinyl or fiberglass frames, clean them with a mixture of warm water and mild soap with non-abrasive cleaners. For the glass, use a glass cleaner and paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

Lubricate the Tracks

Window tracks can collect dirt, debris and dead insects. If your windows have been sticking when you slide, open or close them, check the track. Clean it out with cotton swabs and some white vinegar every few months. If this doesn’t do the trick, you may have to add some silicone-based lubrication.

Inspect Windows Thoroughly

Inspect your windows every three months or so to spot potential issues before they worsen. Check the frame and sash for signs of rot by pressing on it with a utensil. If it sinks in or feels spongy, you have rot. Open and close the window, and operate the lock, to make sure everything works smoothly.

Replace any weather stripping that may need replacing and check for gaps between the frame and wall.

Seal Gaps

If your utility bills have been spiking lately and you can’t attribute it to any other cause, gaps in your windows could be to blame. Seal those gaps with caulk or spray foam insulation. You should also replace your windows’ rubber seals to keep water from leaking or air from escaping. Energy leakage is a top contributor of high energy bills, so by sealing those areas, you can keep conditioned air inside your home where it should be.

Repaint the Frames

Paint your wooden frames every few years to boost their appearance as well as to protect them from the elements. Be careful not to paint over moving parts so the window doesn’t get stuck.

Repair Damage Immediately

During your regular maintenance checks, if you spot damage of any kind, repair it right away. Whether you do it yourself or call in a pro, you risk major damage in the future if you neglect potential issues now.

By following the above tips for maintenance, you can ensure your windows will look great, function well, and last for many years to come.

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