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…and why custom sizing is best

When you make the decision to replace your windows, you want assurances that you’re getting the best value for your money. You may gravitate toward standard windows that you can buy from big box stores because they are the cheapest. However, they may be the cheapest in terms of financial outlay, but they’re also cheap in material.

You’re always better off going with custom windows that have been specifically designed to fit your home. From better aesthetics and energy efficiency to easier installation and better security, here’s why you shouldn’t settle for standard window sizes.

Better Aesthetics

Custom windows offer unmatched aesthetic appeal when compared with standard models. With custom sizes, you can more easily match the style, design and theme of your interior and exterior walls.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Custom windows fit the space exactly without leaving any gaps between the frame and walls. Air loss from these gaps will strain your HVAC system, increasing your energy bills. With custom-made double- or triple-paned models, you get far better insulation for your home.

Easier Installation

Fitting standard windows can get very complicated because the window size you find at the hardware store may not match the opening you currently have exactly. You may have to cut into the wall or add molding so the window can fit. Why make structural changes to your home when you can just get custom windows that fit to the opening you already have? Custom windows take less prep work with fewer additional materials overall.

Versatile Designs

Custom windows are more versatile when it comes to styling so you can get a unique look for your home. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and designs to fit the architecture of your home, from double-hung to sliders to awnings.

Better Security

You can add accessories to custom windows like grids and locks that will enhance the security of your home. Standard windows can’t give you the strength and peace of mind you need to protect your family and possessions.

Higher Quality Material

When you customize your window options, you get more control over the kinds of materials you can incorporate. Vinyl, aluminum and wood are the three most common material types. Wood is elegant and traditional, but it can swell and rot over time. Plus, you have to repaint the frames and sills every few years. Aluminum windows are a durable and affordable option, but vinyl windows give you the best energy efficiency and insulation, and won’t corrode or rot. Plus, vinyl never has to be painted.

Higher Home Value

Custom windows bring higher home values as compared with standard models. That’s because custom made windows are backed by superior craftsmanship by professional installers to guarantee more durable, better quality, and longer lasting windows.

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