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If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you may think it’s unnecessary to complete certain renovations. But in some cases it can be very beneficial when it comes to getting a higher price for your property. Take new Marvin windows, for example. By installing the highest quality replacement windows possible, potential buyers will look favorably on a home that will save them more money on monthly energy bills. Plus, they look great and increase your curb appeal, not to mention they’re easier to clean and they keep occupants more comfortable all year round.

There are other reasons why it’s a good idea to replace your windows before selling your home:

Your Windows Are Old

If your windows are old and you suspect there may be an issue that could come up during the sale process, replacing them now would save you time and hassle later. This could happen in one of two ways: they could raise a red flag as part of the buyer’s inspection, or they could negatively impact your listing price.

Most windows can last between 20 and 30 years with the proper maintenance. But there are more factors than just age that can detract from your windows’ lifespan, such as quality of original windows, local climate, improper window installation, and window usage.

Your Windows May be an Issue For the Buyer

Related to above, inoperable, unsafe, old or drafty windows can cause buyers to make the following requests in the form of contingencies:

  • Repairs Before Closing: This would be a more cost-effective option for you as the seller because you have more control over which type of windows to install.
  • Credit at Closing For New Windows: This is a more expensive option for you, as the buyer could ask for a credit at the time of closing to cover premium windows. And buyers are less apt to shop around for a bargain.

Safety Issues

If you have windows that don’t open or close properly, lock properly or fail to stay put, these are all safety issues that can concern potential home buyers – especially those with young children. All they have to do when viewing your home during an open house is try and open a few windows.

Faulty windows can turn them off from the get-go so they never even put in an offer, or they can result in the above requests.

According to the 2022 Remodeling report, the average cost for vinyl window replacement is $20,482 with a resale value of $13,822  and an ROI of 67.5%.

Making the move now could help you get more for your house and appeal to more buyers.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Window Replacement

Even if you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s wise to get in touch with us to schedule a Marvin window replacement consultation. You can do that by calling us today for a free quote. In the meantime, you can download our free window replacement guide here.

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