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When the need for window replacement is looming in the near future, your first thought may be: how can I get quality windows without spending a fortune? Those concerns about cost may have you looking at the big box stores for off-the-shelf windows to save money. But this is almost always a bad idea.

The only benefits of store-bought windows are affordability and convenience. But while “cheap” may sound good to your bank account, it never translates well to long-lasting quality experiences. And often, the claims of affordable and convenient windows from those big box stores can be exaggerated and untrue. You’re always better off hiring a window replacement contractor who installs made-to-order products every day.

Check out the top reasons why custom windows beat off the shelf windows every time.

1.    Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness

Yes, you’ll save some cash in the short term by buying off the shelf. But over time, those windows that sounded like a good idea at the time will actually start costing you money when they fail. Then you’re stuck facing a costly replacement project that you could have avoided in the first place had you just ordered custom windows.

Unlike cookie cutter window units, the prices of made-to-order windows can vary by the type and amount of features you’re looking for. As a result, it’s easier to plan your budget when you have a higher amount of control over your bottom line.

2.    Customized Appearance

Designing made-to-order windows gives you control over the size and features you want, unlike stock products that come in limited sizes, shapes, and colors.

3.    Fewer Air Leaks

Your window replacement contractors will measure and cut your custom windows according to parameters such as your existing window openings. This reduces the chance of air leakage. Buying undersized stock products will mean that extra sealant is required to reduce air infiltration. Keep in mind that sealants often deteriorate faster than the window itself.

4.    Quick Installation

The installation of made-to-order windows goes faster because they do not have to be resized to fit into existing openings. For example, you could be looking at several days of installation of stock products as opposed to just a 12-hour custom window installation job. This translates to less in labor costs and less disruption for your family.

5.    Building Code Adherence

In order for your home to meet current building codes, you will need assurances of proper window sizing and the latest in glass technology. The more freedom you have when designing custom windows, the better you are able to meet stringent building requirements.

6.    Personalized Service

Because stock units are mass-produced in big batches and sold by salespeople who aren’t properly trained in window installation, you’re not getting the attention to detail you would get from a skilled trade professional who knows all there is to know about made-to-order windows. Window replacement contractors have the training and experience making, measuring, cutting and fitting custom windows, so you can take advantage of that personalized knowledge and attentiveness.

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