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Black is one of those classic, timeless colors that’s actually not a color at all – it’s the absence of light. Nonetheless, this doesn’t take away from its popularity for anything from cars and clothing to house shutters and trim. If you’re considering window replacement this winter, you may want to consider switching things up with black window frames instead of the traditional white.

Why? There are many reasons for this aesthetic switch-up. Let’s take a look…

A Modern Trend That’s Here to Stay

While white trim on windows offers a classic statement on traditional homes, black offers a bold, trendy touch to any property, perhaps best on contemporary or modern homes.

You’ll see black windows being installed on new construction homes, leading to a growing trend that lends a refreshing look to new construction as well as remodeled older homes. Dark-framed windows are the latest architectural feature on a diverse style of houses, from farmhouses to ranches.

Many homeowners who have an older home – perhaps like the ones mentioned above – and want to remodel to bring it a modern touch. They will often use black frames on windows to achieve that goal rather than make extensive renovations to alter the structure of the home.

Black windows are nothing new, though. They were originally used on industrial buildings in the 1900s. Now they’re making a comeback to the current era. From the exterior, black windows create contrast against lighter color schemes, and from the interior, they can boost the vibrancy of views to the outdoors.

Perhaps their appeal comes from the fact that black frames almost seem to blend into the glass for a more streamlined look. For this reason, many designers and homeowners choose not to install curtains or shades so as to preserve this contrast.

Pros and Cons of Black Window Frames

There are many advantages and disadvantages to think about when it comes to black window frames, from how they will impact the aesthetics of your property to how much they cost.  Here’s a look at the pros and cons.


Black window frames…

  • Create contrast
  • Boost curb appeal
  • Provide versatile design options
  • Offer a unique look to set your property apart


Black window frames…

  • Cost more than other options (usually due to demand)
  • Can fade with direct sunlight
  • Can be distracted by busy exterior or interior designs

In a nutshell, white windows offer a classic appearance and are best for homes with traditional or detailed designs. Conversely, black windows provide a bold, visually appealing look that draws the eye – best for use on both new and remodeled homes.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Window Replacement in Texas

If you’re intrigued about the possibility of black window frames for your Marvin window replacement project this year, get in touch with Amazing Exteriors for your free quote. We can go over design options, costs and more to help you make this important decision. Call us today at 512-991-8768.

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