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Looking to add a new door to your patio? Sliding glass doors are a great choice, and not just in summer. There are many benefits to adding a sliding glass door to any exterior entryway in your home, whether it opens to a back deck, pool or backyard. From expanded views of your yard to more natural light flooding the room, check out why sliding glass doors are perfect all year round.

Brighten Up Your Home No Matter the Season

Sure, everyone thinks of sunlight in summer, but the natural light you get in winter is even more beneficial for your home because it heats up the interior naturally. This means you don’t have to use your artificial heating source as much.

Add Beauty to Any Room

You can easily accent your home’s charm with a new sliding glass door. Perhaps now you have a traditional door leading outside. But if you were to replace it with sliders, you’re opening up a whole new level of aesthetics. These doors also make your rooms look bigger due to all that additional viewing space.

Save on Floor Space

Sliding patio doors feature two panels, with one that slides and one that’s stationary. Because there is no door to swing open when you need to enter and exit, you save on floor space – yet another reason your indoor spaces seem larger than they really are. This helps you all year round add more livable space to your rooms, whether you’re hosting a holiday party in December or a birthday party in May.

Improved Energy Efficiency

If you pair your sliding patio doors with double paned glass, this extra protection can shield your home from outdoor temperatures. With multiple panes, you save on energy bills due to the airtight seal. To pay even less for heating in winter and less for cooling in summer you can add to the energy efficiency of your door by making sure there is a layer of argon gas between the two panes of glass.

Better View

If you have kids, you want to be able to check on them easily to make sure they’re OK. With such a large viewing area, you can easily keep an eye on them swimming in the pool. Or, you can sit at your dining room table with a cup of coffee in the morning, gazing out at the birds in your feeders in spring or the snow falling in winter.

Increase Airflow

Get added ventilation by bringing the fresh air indoors thanks to your sliding patio doors. You can enjoy the breeze without the bugs and unwanted critters thanks to durable screens. Close your door partway or open them up all the way for customized ventilation levels.

Seamless Traffic Flow

Sliding patio doors are just easier to get inside and out. They glide smoothly, giving you a fast and easy way to enter your backyard or come back inside after gardening.

As you can see, there are many ways you can enjoy your new sliding glass doors in all seasons.

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