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Like everything else in your home, your windows eventually get old and worn. Or perhaps your current windows are “original equipment” and not up to modern standards of comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Here are some signs that it is time to replace your windows.

Cracks in the Glass or Frames

Visible damage in your windows is a sure sign they are too old to perform their duties properly. While repairs might be a short-term solution, replacing old, broken down windows is a good investment.

Drafts in Your Home

Do your drapes or curtains billow and flutter even though your windows are closed? If you can feel a draft in your home while your windows are closed it may be that they are no longer sealing adequately against outside air. Time for them to go.

Sticking, Jamming or Rattling

Windows that are difficult to open or jam against their frame are an indication of the frame warping or (in the case of a wood frame) swelling. This is a nearly impossible problem to repair, and replacement is your best option. The same can be said of windows that are too “loose” and rattle in their frame.

Condensation and Cloudiness

If your windows are blurry or hazy it may be that the glaze on the glass has failed or, for double pane windows, the seal between panes has been breached and moisture has seeped into the window. Similarly, if you experience excess condensation (or even icing!) on the inside of your window it means its insulation properties have failed.

Excess Noise

Much as we rely on quality windows to seal out the elements, they also serve to dampen exterior noise. If you find that traffic sounds and other noises are filtering through into your home more easily it could be that the insulating properties of your windows have been damaged or are otherwise failing.

Today’s windows offer many advantages over windows installed when your home was built, or even replacement windows from 5 or 10 years ago. They are far more energy efficient, helping you spend less to heat and cool your home. You can add UV reflective coatings to help deter fading of your carpet and furniture. They are easier to operate and clean. And they offer added safety and security features. This all adds up to make now a great time to replace your old windows.

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