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Replacing the siding on your home with a fresh new look is an exciting prospect. But you want to be sure you are getting the right siding, at the best value, from a trusted Houston siding company. One way to be sure is to get a complete and detailed estimate. Here’s what to look for in an estimate provided by your chosen siding contractor.

Before you even ask for an estimate you should be prepared to ask the right questions, then be open to discussing your options. For example, do you have your heart set on vinyl siding? Or would you consider upgrading to fiber cement siding? What color and texture did you have in mind? Will that color fit into your neighborhood’s pattern, or stand out like a sore thumb? Do you want to add insulation under the siding? What is your planned budget?

Once armed with an outline of what you want you are ready to ask for a detailed estimate. Here are the main elements that should be included:

  • Materials – You have many choices of siding materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, stucco, vinyl and fiber cement. But not all are appropriate for every home or the climate conditions we experience here in Houston. A local siding contractor will be able to make intelligent recommendations on the best material for your home’s size, style and location.
  • Manufacturer – There are dozens of companies making siding products. Some are better than others. Some are much There are significant differences in the quality of the materials used by different siding installers. The higher the quality of the siding and trim, the longer your siding will last and the more you will enjoy the experience. Be prepared to balance those benefits against your budget.
  • Color and Texture – There are literally hundreds of combinations of colors, tones, and textures available in modern siding materials. A trustworthy siding company will be able to help you narrow the choice based on your home’s structure and neighborhood norms. Ask to see samples of each of the recommended materials so you can compare.
  • Trim – The siding itself is only a part of the overall package. Don’t forget you will need to budget for trim around windows, doors and corners. Most siding manufacturers will offer multiple trim options at different price points. If an estimate does not include the trim, walk away – you’ll likely end up paying much more than you should to get it added in later.
  • Insulation Options – Almost every siding installation includes a layer of insulation. But the basic insulation that is often used offers minimal energy saving functionality. A good siding company will ask you to consider spending a little more money for fully insulated siding, which can help you save money on cooling and heating your home.
  • Maintenance – How much time and money are you prepared to spend to maintain your new siding once it is installed? Some siding materials are virtually maintenance-free, while others will require regular upkeep, including painting or staining every few years. Are you willing to trade your weekends to save a few dollars up front?
  • Warranties – Most siding manufacturers will offer some sort of materials warranty for siding that is installed by a contractor who is certified by the manufacturer. Make sure that certification is included in the estimate or else you may be stuck paying for any repairs when your “warranty” is found to be null and void. In addition, any reputable siding company should include its own warranty for labor.
  • Insurance – Every estimate should include an insurance clause that guarantees the contractor has both liability and workers’ compensation coverage that is current and adequate to protect you from legal action. Insist on seeing a current insurance certificate for each type of coverage.
  • Timetable – A good siding contractor knows how long a job should take and be able to tell you up front when they can start on your home and when they will finish.
  • Budget – Don’t be the kind of person who rushes to the bottom line to see the final overall price before you read through the entire estimate. Know what you are getting first before assessing the value you will be receiving from the cost of the project. Know that you can adjust factors such as materials, insulation, trim packages, etc. to tweak the budget.

One more VERY important consideration: make sure the estimate you receive is in writing, is dated and signed by the contractor. It is the best way to judge the siding company up front and your best protection for a complete and satisfactory job.

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