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When in the market for windows, you may have heard of two terms: construction grade windows and replacement windows. What are the similarities? What are the differences?

Construction grade windows (also known as builder grade windows) are the windows that contractors use when initially constructing a home. They are made with low-cost, standard materials and aren’t built to last. Replacement windows are higher in quality and are built to last.

A Look at Construction Grade Windows

Usually, these are the cheapest, flimsiest windows the builder can invest in so they can keep their costs low in order to meet their price point. They choose these inexpensive windows so they can save money. Builders get a good bulk deal on these windows from wholesale window manufacturers. While good for the bottom line, builder grade windows won’t last the test of time, as they are usually made of a single pane and as a result are not very energy efficient.

And with minimal features, these windows aren’t easy to clean, operate or maintain. They need replacing far sooner than replacement windows do, leading to higher cost in the long run for the homeowner.

A Look at Replacement Windows

On the other hand, professional-grade replacement windows are higher in quality and are installed when the homeowner needs to replace their original windows with more energy efficient ones.

Professional-grade windows give you a greater value, longer-lasting benefits and a better return on investment (ROI). Yes, new construction windows are readily found at big box stores. But they were designed to cater to the masses, with one size fits all features that aren’t unique to your home.

They may not fit quite right, which leads to energy leakage and high energy bills. Plus, if they don’t fit right, they could be difficult to operate and clean.

On the other hand, professional-grade replacement windows are sold only by experienced, qualified and certified window installation companies. They’re much higher in quality, especially when you choose a brand like Marvin, and they are installed by trained window installation experts instead of general contractors.

Features of Replacement Windows

Professional-grade replacement windows…

  • Can be tilted in for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Have durable vinyl frames
  • Include higher security locking mechanisms
  • Are double or triple pane
  • Have low-E glass
  • Boast better airflow capabilities
  • Have grids between panes for aesthetic appeal
  • Can slide open on both upper and lower portions (double hung)
  • Feature stronger warranties to protect your investment
  • Increase your home’s market value
  • Have a higher ROI
  • Can be customized to fit every room in your home

It’s better to replace your new construction windows sooner rather than later. You don’t want to suddenly be faced with windows that don’t close all the way, or warped frames that make it impossible to open the window. These are safety issues that should be addressed before they even happen.

Other things can pose annoyances such as squeaks when opening and closing the windows. This is due to poorly-aligned connections and the use of cheap materials. You should be able to open and close your windows with one finger. It shouldn’t take a full-body heave to make this happen!

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