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Patio doors can certainly be a functional component of your home, providing entry and exit to your back yard or a pool area. But Marvin sliding patio doors can also act as an effective design feature. These doors are an important architectural and design aspect for any home, and as such must be practical, visually-pleasing, and energy-efficient all at once.

Here are some great ways to use sliding patio doors as a stunning design element in your home.

Room With a View

If you have a beautiful view you want to frame in the best way possible, and you entertain a lot, you may want to consider installing wide, glass doors that open up onto an expansive patio, suggests HGTV.

Go Low-E

If you have an expansive view you want to enhance with sliders, yet you have artwork, carpeting and furniture you don’t want damaged, consider low-E glass that prevents fading from the sun.

Tight Spaces

Functionality is half the battle when using sliding glass doors. These space savers can come in very handy when you have a small landing, such as steps to a deck or patio, where swinging doors could cause a fall or accident as a person tries to maneuver around them.


Who says you have to stick with just one set of sliding patio doors? Install multiple doors in a series along one wall or across from one another to add elegance and design interest. This makes a grand design statement, which in turn makes the room look bigger and more inviting with an influx of natural light. Plus, the flow of this high-traffic space feels smoother and not as congested.


Everyone usually thinks of using sliding patio doors to separate the inside from the outside, but there’s no reason why you can’t use them to solely separate areas inside your home. Install sliding French doors to separate a living room from a dining room, for example, to add a sophisticated appeal and double the size of your opening.

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

As you can guess, sliding patio doors offer many benefits for homeowners. They can:

  • Brighten Up Your Home: An infiltration of sunlight isn’t just good in the summer, but it can also fill your home in the winter with warmth as well. Use these patio doors to heat your interiors naturally.
  • Add Beauty: Accent your home’s charm with a sliding patio door instead of a traditional swinging one. Not only do sliders make your rooms look bigger, you get additional viewing space.
  • Save Floor Space: Sliders have two panels: one that slides open and closed, and one that remains fixed. You save on floor space because there is no door to swing open upon entry and exit.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency: Pairing your sliding patio doors with double-paned glass gives you added protection against outdoor temperatures.
  • Give you a Better View: A larger viewing area gives you better access to see what’s going on outside, making it easier to watch the birds at your feeder, or keep an eye on the kids as they splash in the pool.
  • Increase Airflow: Increase ventilation and fresh air with sliding patio doors. With double screens, you can enjoy the breeze without worrying about pests or bugs, plus you can close your door partway or all the way open to customize your ventilation needs.
  • Help With Traffic Flow: Sliding patio doors are simply easier to operate. Not only do they glide smoothly, you can quickly and easily gain entry and exit.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Sliding Patio Doors

If any of these ideas sound amazing for your own home, contact us to book an appointment with our installers. We trust and use Marvin windows and doors.


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