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The unknown can be intimidating. When you know what to expect, even when it comes to something as straightforward as window replacement, it makes the process much easier. Plus, it gives you peace of mind. From how long the project will take to how your normal routine might be affected, here’s what to expect with the window replacement process.

Free Quotes

First, the installation team will come out to your home to take measurements and give you a quote on what the project will cost. They will then order your custom-sized windows (always a better choice than “off-the-shelf” big box store windows) and let you know when they have come in.

Preparing For Window Delivery

Sometimes, your installation crew will show up on the designated day with your new windows in their truck. Other times, the windows will be delivered beforehand. In this case, find a secure place to store these windows, such as a garage or basement, until they are ready to be installed.

If you simply don’t have the extra space, the installation crew will coordinate the delivery date with their team’s arrival. On installation day, you will have to be there to let the crew inside to begin work.

Clear the Way

The installation techs need space to work, so be sure to clear furniture or other obstacles that could get in their path, such as the route from your front door to the windows. Clear a path outside as well, as they may have to use ladders for the exterior. Move lawn equipment out of the way, as well as toys, patio furniture, and lawn ornaments. On the day of installation, make sure your pets and small children are contained so they don’t get caught underfoot.

Protecting Your Property

An experienced crew takes all precautions necessary to not damage your property during installation, but accidents can and do happen. To reduce the chance of damage, remove floor lamps, wall hangings, and fragile items from shelves. These things can easily fall over when bumped into or they could get rattled when the installers start working on the windows. The installers will lay down drop cloths to protect your furniture and carpeting, as well as exterior shrubs and plants.

The Installation Process

Depending on the scope of your project, you may have a small crew working on one window at a time, or a larger crew working on several windows at once. In the case of full window replacements, the crew will have to dismantle and reassemble the window trim inside and outside the house, which adds to the project timeline.


Once your windows have been ordered, delivery usually takes place a few weeks later. This timeline may be extended if you have ordered custom products such as specialty shaped windows or historic replications. In general, an average size window with new insert takes about an hour to do. The average crew can replace about eight windows in a day, with larger windows taking longer. One full window replacement may take many hours to install, especially if wood rot is detected.

Every job is different, and many factors can prolong the process, such as weather. No matter what, your crew should provide regular updates about the progress of your project.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Professional Window Replacement

We always keep you in the loop because we know communication is key. To learn more about our specific process of window replacement here at Amazing Exteriors, contact us today or fill out our online form. We would be happy to give you a free quote on our quality Marvin windows as well.


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