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There’s little doubt that today’s consumers value eco-friendliness. It stands to reason that they would want the best eco-friendly replacement windows from Marvin as well. But not all manufacturers are created equal. Some set themselves apart from the rest by offering distinctive eco-friendly components to save energy and lessen carbon footprints.

One such brand is Infinity from Marvin® windows, and here’s why.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Each Infinity window is made with better weathertight seals and as a result can keep up that air seal for longer than similar window types. On top of that, it’s worth mentioning that fiberglass has low thermal conductivity properties that can trap air in while keeping unwanted air out. The argon gas insulation precludes unwanted airflow and drafts from getting inside your home and adding to your energy bills. Bonus: this puts less strain and stress on your HVAC system.

In terms of sustainability, Infinity happens to be a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than its vinyl competitors. That’s because they feature frames sourced and made of silica sand – which as you may not know is an abundant natural resource. Marvin is a company that emphasizes its commitment to heavily recycling materials – yet another reason for the focus on eco-friendly practices.

Marvin: A Trustworthy Name in Windows

If you’re looking for the best of the best, you will soon find that Infinity from Marvin is at the top of the list. As arguably one of the country’s most valued and respected names in American-made windows, Marvin brings quality, durability, and long-lasting value to mind. The other component of successful replacement windows is installation of course, and for that reason, you should rely on Amazing Exteriors’ highly trained, factory-certified team of window replacement experts.

So, let’s talk about why Infinity by Marvin is so great in terms of environmental friendliness.

  • Marvin Fiberglass Frames: Boasting an advanced fiberglass material, these windows promise exceptional strength and thermal properties to save you cash on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.
  • Insulated Low-E High-Performance Glass: Proven to outperform clear dual pane glass by an astonishing 54 percent, you can customize your windows with many glass options for an exceptional thermal barrier in your home.

While not necessarily related to eco-friendliness, there are other features of Infinity that are worth noting as you make your decision:

  • EverWood®Interior Finish: This is a wood grain exclusive to Marvin, installed on the window’s interior. It can be stained to complement your existing woodwork seen in the rest of your home. The authenticity of EverWood is unmatched because it looks and feels like real wood. Plus, you never have to sand, scrape or refinish it like you would have to with real wood.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Covered by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty, you get protection from excellent warranties, provided the windows are installed by a certified Infinity by Marvin contractor (think: Amazing Exteriors). It’s fully transferable to the new owners when and if you sell your home later on down the line.
  • Strength: Fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl, not to mention it’s three times as strong as vinyl/wood composite materials.
  • Durability: Fiberglass is strong, but it also repels moisture and won’t warp or crack from water absorption. Also, it will never rot or corrode.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Quality Window Replacement

Have we piqued your interest about Infinity from Marvin® windows? Interested to know more about their eco-friendliness and how they would make a great addition to your home? Contact us or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

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