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When considering new windows there are many aspects of the window that you should factor in. From the frame to the glass itself, it’s important to do your homework so you buy the best possible product to enhance your home.

Today’s we’ll talk about the best glass options for your Houston replacement windows. What should you consider? What factors are important? Here are some tips.

Double vs. Triple Glazing

You don’t see single panes of glass in residential windows anymore. They’re not energy efficient and they’re just not practical. Most modern windows are at least double glazed, which means each window has two panes of glass that are connected by a spacer. The in-between space is usually filled up with an insulating gas such as krypton or argon.

These gases are known as Insulated Glass Units, IGUs for short, and they may also come as triple glazed. This is essentially a third glass pane. As you can imagine, you will pay more for triple- glazed windows than double-glazed windows. In hot climates such as Houston, it’s probably wise to go with the triple.

The quality of the spacer connecting the panes of glass is important in regards to the IGU’s performance. While metal used to be the go-to material used in spacers, it was found that metal’s conductivity was problematic, leading to condensation and ice crystals.

To prevent moisture from getting trapped between panes, today’s spacers are now made from treated metal or structural foam along with a desiccant to remove moisture.

Air vs. Inert Gas

IGUs used to be filled with air, but this was problematic because as the air cools and warms, this movement results in warm areas at the top, and cold areas at the bottom. Using a less conductive gas cuts down on heat transfer, which boosts the performance of the glazing. In addition, it lowers the and U-factor (rate of heat transfer).

Most IGUs are filled with either argon or krypton gas, which are both non-toxic, non-reactive, odorless and clear. Argon gas is more popular due to its cost effectiveness. However, krypton gas takes up less space so it’s use when triple-pane windows can’t fit a standard window frame.

Low-E vs. Tempered Glass


A low-emittance (Low-E) coating is comprised of a very thin layering of metal on one side, designed to slow the rate of heat transfer.

High solar-gain coatings allow the infiltration of more heat into your home, which would be better for climates that have very cold winters. Low solar-gain coatings can keep out about 75 percent of heat from UV rays, which is better for warm climates such as Houston.

Tempered glass

Also known as safety glass, tempered glass is 4X stronger than its untreated glass cousin. This means if it ever breaks, it will crumble into small dull pieces rather than shatter into sharp shards.

So, now that you know some of the basics about window glass, you can make a more informed decision for your renovation.

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