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Spring is the perfect time to open up the windows, let in fresh air, and come up with a spring cleaning plan. Don’t forget to include window washing in that plan. The cooler weather may have kept you from even thinking about how your windows look, but now’s the time to make them sparkle again. Check out these top spring window cleaning tips.

1.    Use Simple Solutions

Fancy cleaners from the store cost a lot of money and sometimes aren’t even necessary. All you really need is to make your own homemade solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water. Put it in a spray bottle and use it on all your windows for a streak-free, inexpensive shine.

2.    Clean the Inside of Your Windows


Start with the inside. You will need a bucket, dish soap, water, cloth or sponge.

  1. Fill the bucket with water and liquid dish soap.
  2. Drape a towel underneath the window to catch any spills.
  3. Clean out the tracks of debris and dust.
  4. Work from top to bottom using a microfiber cloth or sponge, wiping down the frame and all accents.
  5. Dry with the cloth.
  6. Spray the window with your homemade solution.
  7. Use a lint-free towel to clean the glass, using a Z-shaped motion.
  8. If streaks persist, repeat this process.
  9. Let dry.
  10. Inspect the whole unit, making sure the locks work properly.

3.    Clean the Outside of Your Windows

It’s best to tackle this chore on a cool, cloudy day so you don’t get streaks due to the sun drying the solution too quickly.

  1. Rinse your windows with a hose.
  2. Fill a bucket with water and liquid dish soap.
  3. Clean the windows with a microfiber cloth.
  4. For higher windows, use a sponge mop on a pole.
  5. Rinse with the hose.
  6. Use a rubber-bladed squeegee to dry, working from top to bottom.
  7. If stubborn stains persist, spray them with vinegar and water and let it sit.
  8. Scrub, rinse, then dry. Repeat as needed.
  9. Don’t forget the screens! Take them all off the windows and prop them up again the house or other structure. Rinse them with water, spray with your homemade solution, then rinse. Once dry, replace the screens. Take this time to inspect your screens. Make repairs to holes or gaps, or make a note to purchase new ones.

Cleaning your windows is a task that can seem daunting but you need to have a plan and stay focused. If you don’t want to gather all the supplies and use up your valuable free time to wash all your windows, hire a professional to do it for you. They’ll get it done quickly and efficiently so you can start enjoying your sparkling windows again.

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When doing your spring window cleaning this year, you may notice your windows are failing, looking outdated or not functioning properly. If you would like to schedule a free quote and consultation on replacement windows from Infinity® by Marvin®, contact us today at 512-428-8417.

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