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If you have completed any type of home improvement project you know that it can mean disruption, noise and mess, sometimes for a protracted period of time. But window replacement is different from other types of remodeling. Replacing your windows is faster, generates less disorder, and requires fewer people tramping through your home. Here’s how an installation of replacement windows typically plays out.

Before Installation

We always call our window replacement customers a day ahead of the installation date to confirm the appointment. Window replacement usually requires just two installers, one inside your home and the other outside. It helps if you can make sure all the areas around the windows are clear of furniture, draperies and wall hangings.  We also prepare by placing drop cloths and installing temporary paths around the windows to minimize any mess.

During Installation

We start by removing your old windows, which can generate a little noise and dust. Unlike a roof replacement or bathroom project, where everything needs to be torn out and removed at the same time, windows can be replaced one at a time. This helps to minimize exposure to the elements. Because the windows we install are custom fitted and manufactured specifically for your home, they generally slide right into the opening made after the old windows are removed, with very little adjustment necessary.

After Installation

Once installation is finished, each new window undergoes a complete quality inspection. Anything that’s not up to our standards is corrected before the installation is pronounced as complete. You will also get a demonstration of the features and operations of your new windows, as well as care and maintenance tips. Then we follow up a day or two later to finalize warranty information and answer any questions. We want you to be delighted with the installation and your new windows!

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Quality Replacement Window

Choose Amazing Exteriors for the widest variety and highest quality professional installation of windows and doors. Call us to schedule a free in-home analysis. We offer our home improvement services in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and our featured location in March for Dallas TX Window Replacement.

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