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With the weather turning warmer comes the promise that summer is on the way. This is the perfect opportunity for you to spend some time walking around your house and inspecting its condition after a long winter.

While you are examining your siding, roof, gutters, driveway, and shrubbery, don’t ignore your home’s windows. Like other exterior parts of your home they have been exposed to all sorts of weather conditions over the past several months. Here’s what to look for:

• Obvious damage, like broken or cracked panes of glass, loose glazing between the glass and frame, warping of the frame, or missing trim. Any of these problems can weaken the overall window unit. They can also open you up to energy loss all summer long, with cool air leaking out and hot, humid air seeping in. That will result in higher air conditioning costs now, and potentially higher heating costs later in the year.
• Peeling paint on the frame or sash. This is especially prevalent on wood frame windows. You’ll have to spend some time and money to scrape and paint the exterior of the frame and trim to protect the wood from rotting.
• Separation of the sash from the frame. Wood windows can shrink if they dry, and some lower-end vinyl windows can actually warp to create a gap that allows air to blow freely in and out of your home.
• Cloudy glass or excessive moisture on the inside of the window. This indicates a failure of the seal between the glass and the frame.

While you can easily inspect the windows on your lower level and basement, use extreme caution if you decide to attempt to inspect second-story and higher windows. You are well advised to contact a professional window company like Amazing Exteriors to conduct a more thorough inspection of your windows. We’d be glad to help!

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