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It’s summer, and you know what that means. The windows are open, sunlight is pouring through, and you’re enjoying a nice breeze. You can use that natural light to your advantage by installing a garden window in your kitchen. These windows are unique in that they act like a miniature greenhouse, transforming the sun’s energy into solar heat gain.

It’s a win-win: your plants and herbs can thrive and you don’t have to go outside and tend to large crops.

Benefits of Garden Windows

There are many benefits to adding a garden window to your kitchen, from extra natural light to a better view. Let’s go over some of the biggest reasons to add this unique window to your kitchen, perhaps over the sink.

The biggest benefit of a garden window is the amount of sunlight it allows into your kitchen. Not only does this instantly brighten up the room, it offers better ventilation due to its design. Not all garden windows open in this manner, but many do. These open panels allow smoke and odors to exit the kitchen when cooking, for example, reducing condensation in your windows.
Garden windows also give you a better view of the outdoors, as they typically jut out on three sides to give you a birds’ eye view of your back yard. Garden windows can also reduce energy costs and associated bills, as the glass (about an inch thick) is designed to reduce heat loss through that window.
Focal Point
You don’t see garden windows in all homes, which makes it a unique feature that will interest potential buyers in the future. In the meantime, it provides an interesting focal point and conversation starter.
Plants and Herbs
The shelf provided by a garden window gives you space to put herbs and spices, flowers, plants and other items to display. Depending on the size you get, you may even be able to fit a mini garden in there.
Because your plants are protected by the glass, yet still receive natural light, they aren’t vulnerable to the harsh elements like they would be outside. This makes for easy gardening, especially for beginners and those who don’t have green thumbs. If you’re a culinary aficionado, you can use your garden window to grow fresh herbs, which you can then add to your meals.

With summer here, it’s the perfect time to add a garden window to your kitchen. Use your home grown herbs on your grilled dinners, watch the kids play in the yard while prepping lunch, and crank out the panels for extra ventilation when cooking.

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