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Did you know that having the right windows in your home can help keep you cool, dry and comfortable through the hottest days of summer? All while saving you money on cooling costs?

It all comes down to the insulating properties of your windows. Old, drafty windows that allow frigid air into your home and frost over when temperatures dip can run up your heating bills. Those same windows can allow hot, humid air to infiltrate during the summer months. That’s why new fiberglass Marvin® replacement windows from Amazing Exteriors are such a great investment in your home.

How Fiberglass Frames Help Insulate Your Home

Window replacement with fiberglass windows done now will help keep you cool when the really hot weather hits Houston. Fiberglass window frames contain insulating pockets that help reduce heat transfer, meaning you’ll enjoy a cooler, drier home all summer long. Plus, fiberglass frames are virtually maintenance free, are stronger and more durable than almost any other window frame material, and resist fading in the sunlight. No more scraping and painting your window frames every few years!

The Right Glass Reduces Heat Transfer

When you combine Marvin’s sturdy fiberglass replacement window frame with the right glass package you will significantly increase the insulation value of each window. Our dual- and triple-pane glass options incorporate a “sandwich” of inert gas between each pane of glass. This dead space is a powerful deterrent to heat transfer, both in and out of your home.

Going one step further, our “Low-e” (low emissivity) window option provides even more protection against energy transfer and ultraviolet penetration. A microscopic coating is added to glass area of each window and serves to reflect the harmful and damaging ultraviolet spectrum of light. This helps reduce energy transfer and has the added benefit of reducing fading of drapes, rugs and furniture.

According to the Department of Energy, heat is transferred in three ways: convection, radiation, and conduction. Low-e helps keep the home cool by controlling heat transfer via conduction and radiation.

With heat transfer via conduction, heat travels through solid objects such as roofing, an entry door, and even walls. Heat is transferred primarily through the window’s glass unit, but low-e can block the heat from making its way through.

Radiation is the travel of heat via visible and nonvisible light. It’s the same concept of feeling heat coming from the stove without directly placing your hand on it. With older windows, this radiation is allowed to pass through since there is no coating to stop it. You can help block the radiation by using curtains, although this requires the curtains to remain closed and compromises the amount of natural light in the home. However, low-e technology will block radiation from making your home too warm. It can also help reduce UV damage in the home, such as fading floors and furnishings.

Choose the Best Windows – and Window Professionals – for Energy Savings

Even the most energy efficient windows can’t keep your home cool if they are not properly installed. Poorly finished window installation results in gaps and cracks that can lead to energy loss around the sash and frame. If you are replacing your windows with energy savings in mind, be sure that you work with a professional window company like Amazing Exteriors. While you might pay a little more upfront, but your savings will be even greater in the long run.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for the Best Value in Quality Replacement Windows

Choose Amazing Exteriors for the widest variety and highest quality professional installation of windows and doors. Call us at (817) 756-4004 to schedule a free in-home analysis.

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