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Climate conditions in Texas can run the gamut from hot and humid, to cold and damp. If these conditions are causing condensation to form on your window panes, don’t blame the weather – it might be a problem with your windows. You need to pay attention to this issue because condensation could cause a range of problems, including mold and mildew, and staining on your window sash or walls.

Condensation, typically a sheen of water drops or even frost when it is cold outside, forms when the moist air inside your home meets a cold surface like the glass surface a window. This is especially prevalent in older windows that are drafty with glass that is poorly insulated. The more moisture you have in your home – from cooking, washing, cleaning – the more condensation you may experience.

One way to help prevent condensation from forming and ruining your home is by making sure your windows are creating an effective “thermal barrier” between the inside and outside air. By replacing your worn out, drafty windows with new energy efficient windows you can help balance the temperature on the inside surface of your windows, thus reducing condensation.

Our Infinity® from Marvin® replacement windows accomplish this by combining a tight seal around the window, thanks to our custom-sized construction, with an insulating fiberglass frame, and a multi-pane glass “sandwich” that reduces energy transfer between the inside of your home and the outside climate. This thermal barrier also serves to help reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home and can work to better regulate your interior comfort level.

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