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Many homeowners undergo extensive renovations or repairs hoping that the fruits of their labor will increase in their home’s value, and in many cases, this is an accurate assumption.

A home that looks fantastic from the outside in, and which has plenty of curb appeal, can be an attractive property for buyers if you put your house on the market down the road.

However, there are a few costly outside renovations or projects that can have the opposite effect, or which can cause a minimal uptick in your home’s value.

So, before you start remodeling your outside landscape, be on the lookout for these features and products that might not always be a sound investment.

1. Pools and Spas

A swimming pool can be a fantastic amenity for families in the summertime, but a pool isn’t always an asset that homebuyers are looking for!

The cost of regular maintenance and upkeep can turn some homebuyers away from purchasing a swimming pool, as well as the corresponding increase in utility costs, like water and electricity.

As such, only add a pool or hot tub if it’s something that you specifically want – and not as a concrete way to boost your home’s value.

2. Excessive Landscapes

A beautiful residential landscape will go a long way in enhancing your curb appeal, but it’s important not to get bogged down with projects that could be considered a bit too excessive.

Landscape features like koi ponds, elaborate waterfalls or fountains, and other detailed features are a matter of personal taste, and homebuyers may not be attracted to these creative but individualized additions to your yard.

3. Repainting

Repainting your home may give it a fresh appearance, but unless you do it yourself, the cost of a professional paint job will likely not be offset by the boost to your home’s value.

Most importantly, if you do repaint your home and are planning on selling it in the not-so-distant future, be sure and use neutral colors that are attractive to a larger audience, as opposed to stand-out colors like bright pink, orange, green, etc.

4. Dated Décor and Exterior Improvements

Exterior features such as windows, siding, and doors have come a long way in the past several decades. The best way to recoup your investment is to look for modern designs that both boost energy efficiency and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space.

Be wary of replacing windows, doors, and siding with older styles or cheap materials, as this will do little to lower your utility bills, or increase your home’s value. Talk to us so we can help!

So, What Will Increase Your Home’s Value?

When it comes to home improvements that will boost your property and your bottom line, it’s all about durability, functionality, and modem style.

One way is to keep your siding mold free and replace it when needed. Mold can be a common issue when it comes to your home’s exterior.

Able to grow in all climates and regions of the country, mold can not only hinder your home’s appearance but can damage your exterior while creating safety concerns if it spreads to the interior of your home.

So how do you keep the outside of your home sparkling and mold-free? It starts with these tips that will ensure your exterior looks bright and beautiful for years to come.

1. Start with Quality Siding

Exceptional siding requires little maintenance and can stand up to all sorts of weather and potential threats, including mold.

Check out the James Hardie siding offered by Amazing Exteriors, which has an extensive warranty up to 30 years, and which is completely rot free.

2. Schedule Consistent Cleanings

A pressure washer or garden hose, as well as a soft-bristle brush and a gentle cleaning solution, should be more than sufficient to remove any mold build-up on your home’s exterior.

Depending on where you live and your home’s susceptibility to mold, plan to conduct a maintenance cleaning every few months or once a year.

3. Remove Climbing Vines

Climbing flowers and vines can be an eye-popping landscape addition in the spring and summer months, but they can also encourage the growth of mold if they are placed too close to the home.

Try using awnings, fences, or other outdoor décor items that are placed away from your home’s exterior to keep climbing vines at bay and away from home, while still enjoying their natural beauty.

4. Keep It Sunny

Mold grows best in dark and damp places, so ensure that your home’s exterior enjoys plenty of direct sunlight. Cut back trees, hedges, and other obstructions that may put your home in the shade, and which could lead to mold growth.

5. Watch the Sprinklers

If you utilize a sprinkler system to water your yard or garden, make sure that you’re not inadvertently watering your home as well!

Keep all sprinklers away from your foundation and home, and ensure that a light stream of water is not bombarding your exterior throughout the day.

6. Keep Gutters Clear and Well-Maintained

Your home’s gutters have a lot to do with the maintenance and longevity of your exterior siding, and malfunctioning gutters can lead to water being deposited on the side of your house instead of away from your exterior.

Make sure all gutters are clear and free of debris and replace your gutters if you notice obvious cracks, gaps, sagging, or other structural issues.

7. Check Your Ducts

A faulty ventilation duct, such as from your dryer, can lead to an accumulation of moisture that allows for mold growth both inside and out.

Check your ventilation system to ensure that they are free of any moisture build-up, and repair, clean, or replace as needed if you notice a problem.

Replace Your Siding When Needed!

If you’ve noticed issues with your siding, such as discolorations, peeling, gaps, cracks, or other problems, then it may be time to start fresh!

Talk to the pros at Amazing Exteriors and give your home a facelift that will keep your house mold-free for the long haul.

Amazing Exteriors can help you pinpoint projects and materials that will keep your exterior looking fresh while saving on your regular utility costs and adding an extra layer of protection.

And as a result, you’ll reap the rewards whether you sell your home in the future, or simply enjoy your new renovations for years to come.

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