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If you have a small room in your home that feels cramped and confined, you can work miracles just with the strategic placement of a bay or bow window. Not only can these large windows let in more natural light, they can visually open up the space so it looks bigger than it actually is.

Many people confuse these two types of windows, so let’s begin by defining each.

Bay Windows are comprised of three window panels that are arranged in a box-like extension from your home’s exterior. This creates additional space on the inside where you can add a shelf or a bench. Usually there’s a large picture window in the middle offset by double hung or casement windows on the sides for ventilation.

Bow Windows feature a gently-curving arch that – like bay windows — also extends from the exterior. These involve four to eight window panels, usually comprising casement style units.

Factors That Cramp a Space

While you may be stuck with a small room, you may be inadvertently contributing to its cramped feeling by having the following:

  • Bulky furniture: You may be tempted to fit as much furniture as you can into area so you have lots of seating space. But at the same time, you’re greatly minimizing the space so it looks smaller. Instead of cluttering the room with large furniture, just add a few smaller pieces to open it up.
  • Inconsistent color scheme: The addition of too many competing colors in a room makes it look unfairly small. Incorporate similar paint schemes for your connecting hallways and rooms so it doesn’t appear that the room stops at the door. This helps to elongate the space into other living areas.
  • Clutter: Just like having too much furniture makes a room look small, so too does having too much clutter in the form of photo frames, decorations and trinkets. Try adding just a couple of simple accents that work well with your paint scheme.

Expanding the Space

Unless you’re willing to engage in a big renovation and knock down some walls, there’s nothing you can do about the actual size of the room in question. That’s OK. There are lots of ways to make it look bigger with tricks of the eye. In addition to the above tips, heed these tips as well:

  • Go neutral: Bright or dark colors tighten up a room, whereas light, neutral colors brighten it up.
  • Conceal your storage: Buy furniture that doubles as storage to cut down on both, such as coffee tables that double as storage for blankets and remotes.
  • Replace your windows: Old, dark, curtained windows reduce the amount of light that gets in, making any room look smaller. Replacing your windows can make a huge difference in the appearance of the room. If your only window in there is a double hung, consider expanding the opening and adding a bay or bow window. You won’t believe the difference the extra natural light will make, not to mention the added seating and display areas.

Bay and bow windows not only look good and improve your view of the outdoors, they visually enlarge your space while adding depth and dimension.

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