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Congratulations on making the decision to replace your home’s siding. Siding is one home improvement that offers an excellent return on investment by enhancing your home’s “curb appeal.” Now, before you even begin the project, you are faced with the most important choice: which siding company to work with.

There are many things that you need to take into account when choosing a siding contractor. Making a poor selection can result in delays, headaches, and unnecessary expenses. There are ways to know whether you are dealing with a good contractor or not. Here are some questions to ask and signs to look for to help you make the most informed decision on a siding company.

Do they have a siding specialty?

In Texas, anyone can call themselves a siding installer – there is no license required. But that does not mean the local handyman has the experience or knowledge necessary to perform a quality siding installation. This does not mean you should avoid companies that offer other types of home projects. Just should make sure the company has sufficient experience with siding.

What materials do they install?

Not all siding is alike. Your siding company should give you more than one choice of siding material, be it fiber cement, vinyl, aluminum or wood. The siding should come from a reputable manufacturer with a proven record of quality. Make sure your contractor is factory certified, otherwise any manufacturer’s product warranty may be voided. If your contractor is simply picking up the cheapest siding from the local “big box” hardware outlet, that does not demonstrate the commitment to quality you want for your home.

Are they insured?

The siding contractor you choose should have both liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. You should ask to see a copy of their current insurance certificates as proof. If they are reluctant to provide this documentation, you have no assurance that the company is covered. Why is this important? If, during the job, your home is damaged or a worker is injured, YOU may be held liable for paying repair costs and medical costs. No current insurance? Stay away!

Does the company have a good history?

Make sure the company you choose has a good track record. Not necessarily perfect – there will always be customers who will never be satisfied. But watch out for patterns of similar complaints, especially if they involve poor quality of work, lack of communications, unexplained delays, or “disappearing” once a job is finished. A well-established company with a good reputation in the community are signs of a good partner for your siding project.

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