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Tired of paying so much on your energy bills, only to still feel warm in summer despite all the air conditioning you use? Your old windows could be to blame, which means it may be time for replacement windows in your home. Not only can you save cash on your utility bills, you will feel more comfortable indoors thanks to more consistent temperatures.

Many aspects of a window can influence your comfort indoors in summer, from the frame type and operation type to gas fills and low-e glass.

Today’s energy-efficient replacement windows have argon gas-filled panes designed to reduce heat transfer via the glass, so your AC unit doesn’t have to work harder to produce the same results. You can further reduce solar transfer by purchasing windows with a Low-E coating, which will filter out the sun’s rays. As a result, your carpet stays protected so it doesn’t fade, as well as draperies and upholstery.

Vinyl Frames

One way you can keep your home cooler this summer is to install windows with vinyl frames. Frames are made with chambers that give the window extra insulation, which keeps the cool air from escaping. Vinyl frames reduce heat transfer, which means even if you’re standing in front of the window on a sunny day, you won’t feel a lot of radiating heat.

Gas Fills

Modern windows are filled with either argon or krypton gas, which are colorless and odorless gases that provide critical insulation properties. Filling the space that exists between window panes, these gases are much denser than air is, which ensures year-round consistent temperatures in your house.

When combined with Low-E glazing, the temperature of the window becomes similar to that of your home’s interior.

Low-E Glaze

“Low-E” is short for “low emissivity.” This coating on the glass will reduce how much heat gets transferred through the window. Thus, your air conditioning doesn’t have to work overtime, which puts wear and tear on the unit and leads to higher energy bills. When your AC gets to take a break, your home stays cooler.

Low-E, a colorless and odorless application for glass during manufacture, is thinner than a hair! This glazing will keep your home cooler through the control of heat transfer via radiation and conduction.

Window Operation

Another factor to consider is the way in which your particular window operates. Some have lower air leakage rates that others do. When upgrading your windows, you’ll have many types to choose from, such as:

The type of window you choose will impact how comfortable you feel all year round. For instance, fixed windows such as picture windows aren’t functional because they can’t open, but in terms of energy efficiency, this is a good thing. Because a picture window can’t be open, the airtight seal can’t be broken. If you don’t need ventilation in a particular area of your house, such as the living room, a picture window is a great choice when it comes to energy efficiency and ensuring cooler comfort in summer.

If you aren’t sure which kind of window you want for your comfort in the summer, our professional window installers can help guide you in the right direction.

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