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If your current windows are ho-hum, adding nothing to your property in terms of aesthetics, convenience or comfort, it’s time to replace them. This will go a long way toward boosting the appearance of your entire front yard, adding to curb appeal in many ways. When you give your home a face lift with new windows, apply a coat of fresh paint to your home, update your siding and perform some landscaping, you can really make a big difference.

But what many homeowners don’t realize is that even replacement windows on their own can elevate curb appeal and value. Here are some simple ways to boost curb appeal with window replacement.

1.     Cut Back the Vegetation

Once your new windows are installed, you’ll want to make sure you can see them from the street. If your view is blocked by overgrown trees, bushes, and other plants, now is the time to cut them all back. This will improve the view from the street as well as your view from the interior of the home. Bonus: when you get more sunlight streaming through, you don’t have to shell out as much money on energy bills.

2.     Pick the Right Type of Windows for Your Home

With so many different types of windows and frames available (vinyl, fiber cement, fiberglass, clad-wood), you have to take the time to consider which is best for you. Each one features its own unique look and feel, enhancing your curb appeal in a variety of ways. Don’t neglect doing your research for the best window frame for your home style. What works for a traditional home won’t necessarily work for a contemporary, for example.

3.     Think About Window Frame Color

Now that you have chosen the material, it’s time to choose the frame color. You may want to go with stark white for a traditional trim, or you may decide on a complementary frame color to offset the color of your new siding. This isn’t always an easy decision, so ask your window professional for advice. The color you choose will determine the tone for the look of the whole house. Take into consideration the siding color you have currently, along with your front door color.

4.     Go With a Window Style That Stands Out

Now you have to select the perfect window style that works best for the front of your house. Using all traditional double hung windows is one option, but it’s certainly not the only one. Let’s say you have a large living room on one side of your house. You may want to put in a bay, bow or picture window to make full use of all that natural light. Remember, the one you ultimately go with will impact the look of your home from the street for years to come.

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