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When shopping for new windows in Houston TX you are going to hear a lot about energy efficiency. It is an important factor in the replacement windows you choose, especially if you care about being comfortable and saving money! The fact is, modern replacement windows can be very effective in reducing energy loss to keep your home cooler when the weather is hot, and warmer when it is cold outside. That means you could spend less to heat and cool your home.

How can new windows do that? Better engineering and advanced materials, especially when it comes to insulated glass. There are three huge improvements in modern replacement windows that make a significant difference in their performance.


  • Inert gas. Yes, gas. Almost all new windows are made with double or triple panes of glass, with extremely narrow space between each pane. We fill these gaps in argon, an inert gas that is denser than air, which makes it a highly effective thermal barrier against heat (energy) transfer. The result is a big reduction in the loss of energy from the inside of your home, keeping you more comfortable and reducing the “energy load” on your heating system or air conditioning unit.
  • Low-e coating. Low-e stands for a “low emissivity” coating on the surface of the glass in your replacement windows. Emissivity is a measure of how much a surface releases energy in the form of thermal radiation (heat). The less emissivity, the more energy efficient the surface. A low-e coating is a microscopically thin layer applied to the glass which is specifically engineered to block heat. A low-e coating applied to the outside of the window reflects sunlight and filters UV rays, keeping you more comfortable (also helping to prevent fading of drapes, rugs and furniture).
  • Insulated frames. Older windows featured wood, aluminum or vinyl frames that were excellent conductors of heat and cold. They did nothing to help prevent energy loss. Modern frames, like the fiberglass frames we install with our replacement windows in Houston, are stronger, more rigid, more durable AND help reduce energy transfer.

The investment you make in technologically advanced, energy efficient replacement windows for your Houston home can be paid off in years and years of lower energy bills. Plus your home will be much more comfortable. Now is the right time to upgrade.


Contact Amazing Exteriors for Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Texas Home

Energy efficient replacement windows and doors from Amazing Exteriors help Houston homeowners lower heating and cooling bills and improve home comfort. Contact Amazing Exteriors for the widest variety and highest quality professional installation of windows, siding, roofing and doors. Call us at (817) 756-4004 to schedule a free in-home analysis. You can also stop by and visit our amazing showrooms in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or our featured location this month for Replacement Windows in Houston, TX.

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