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Are you looking to replace your front door but want to be sure the one you choose will enhance your home inside and out? The exterior appearance of your door can make or break your curb appeal, but many homeowners neglect to think of the interior. They often end up choosing a solid door, perhaps with a small window above. Problem is, this doesn’t let in much light to your entry way.

There’s a fix for that: sidelites. Sidelites are basically framed glass panels built into one or both sides of a door, typically a group of narrow windows six inches or so in width. They allow natural light to flood your inner hallway while allowing you to view visitors who may come to your door.

Diversity of Style

Like the entry door itself, sidelites are available in a wide variety of styles, patterns, layouts, colors, and materials. It’s never been easier to add a touch of elegance to your home. Choose from steel-, wood-, or fiberglass-framed sidelites, or go with frameless, half-glass, full-glass, or even three-quarter glass. Just like regular windows, sidelites can be arched or straight-edged, featuring customized grilles to complement your home’s theme.

Then there’s the glass itself. You have a lot of options when it comes to the glass you install, such as textured, clear or frosted. You can also add blinds or curtains to enhance privacy. You can go a step further and add customizations to make your home really pop. You can select glass that’s leaded, stained, or etched, or choose unique grilles to match your home’s style.

Stained glass sidelites are often chosen by homeowners with older homes that may be located in historic districts to preserve their integrity and charm. Plus, stained glass adds an element of privacy without the need for additional curtains or blinds.

More Things to Know About Sidelites

Because sidelites are essentially vertical windows situated on one or both sides of your front door, they are fixed and cannot be opened. They usually come in half, three-quarter and full styles. If you have framed sidelites, you may wonder what color to paint them. One rule of thumb is if your entry door is a vibrant, bold color, paint the sidelites in the color of your home’s trim, such as white or beige.

Here are some more tips when choosing sidelites:

  • For homes with low rooflines, a large door all in one color with sidelights makes the entry way look short.
  • For contemporary and mid-century modern homes, your sidelites should sport thin frames and a lot of glass.
  • For homes with tall entryways or high rooflines, make your sidelites the same color as your door, to create the illusion that they are part of the door.
  • For homes with arched doors and sidelites, make sure you keep the same material to extend the overall style. For example, if you have a wooden door, the sidelite trim should also be wood.
  • For Cape Cod or Colonial homes, white is the name of the game when it comes to your trim, windows and sidelites.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Entry Doors and Sidelites

From Embarq to Heritage, we offer a variety of entry door collections with and without sidelites to complement and enhance your home. Book your initial consultation when you contact us today at 512-428-8417.



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