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If you have a large living room, great room or other area of your house where you want as much natural light as possible, a bay window makes a great choice. This type of window is comprised of three glass panels arranged in a box-like extension that juts out from the exterior of your home. You get more space inside your home where you can add a window seat or shelving.

Many bay window arrangements feature a large picture window right in the middle flanked by two double hung or casement windows on either side for ventilation. There are many benefits associated with bay windows, and we’ll go over them here.

Better Outdoor Views

If you love to gaze out at your yard or the view beyond, bay windows give you the best opportunity to do that. The expanse of the glass surface is large, with little to no obstructed view of the outdoors. With the right window and glass options, you can also enjoy total comfort, even standing or sitting next to the window on a chilly day.

More Natural Light

Bay windows can open up your interior space and flood it with natural light. With more sunlight filtering into your room, you get an instant mood boost. In fact, studies show that natural light heightens your brain’s production of serotonin, a mood-enhancing chemical. Natural light also reduces your dependence on artificial light, which in turn lowers your energy costs.

More Comfort

The interior space just under the window offers up the perfect spot for a small couch, reading nook or bench seat where you can relax and enjoy the warmth and views. What’s more relaxing than a sunny reading nook or waking up to sunlight flooding your bedroom?

More Design Options

A bay window gives you extra space to work with and more ways to showcase your interior design skills. From building a custom window seat to installing a cozy settee, the design possibilities are endless. You can even incorporate a small bistro table and chairs in your kitchen to instantly create a comfy breakfast nook, or an accent chair and bookshelf for a reading corner for the kids. Now’s your chance to highlight your style and individuality!

Increased Ventilation

Bay windows often have side windows that are fully operational. This means you can crank them open when needed for ventilation. Improve your airflow while allowing those cool refreshing breezes to infiltrate the room. Add a flower box to the exterior and you’ll be met with the fresh scent of roses and lilac in the warm months.

Increased Resale Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, adding a bay window now will increase your property value and your resale value. Potential buyers love to see such spacious and beautiful windows in a home, and will likely pay more for it. Not only are these windows aesthetically appealing, they also provide additional square footage.

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