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Summer is knocking at the door and it’s time to start planning all those home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to do. One of those projects may be to install replacement windows in your home, to increase your comfort during the warmer months while reducing your energy bills. If you’re on a quest to rely less on your AC, then new windows can help immensely.

Your old windows may be very drafty, which leaks precious energy out when you really need it to stay in. Get summer ready with the best replacement windows and you’ll stay more comfortable indoors thanks to more consistent temperatures.

Take a minute to consider all the elements that influence your comfort indoors in summer, from operation and frame type to gas fills and low-e glass. You want an energy-efficient replacement window with argon gas-filled panes to cut down on heat transfer between glass. Go a step further and reduce solar transfer by getting windows that sport a low-E coating to filter UV rays. Bonus: your carpets, drapes, and upholstery won’t fade.

A Look at Window Operation

The way in which your desired window operates will have an effect on how well it can insulate your home. That’s because some windows have lower air leakage rates than others. Here are the types you can choose from:

The type you opt for will impact your comfort level year round. Take fixed windows such as picture windows, for example. They can’t open and they aren’t functional, but on the energy efficiency front, this is a positive thing. There’s no way to break the airtight seal because the window can’t be opened. Consider adding a picture window if you’re not looking to add ventilation, like in the living room. This will ensure cooler temps indoors in summer.

Summer-Friendly Choices

1.         Choose Vinyl Frames

It’s best to choose windows with vinyl frames, which are manufactured with chambers providing the window with extra insulation. This, in turn, keeps the cool air from escaping. Vinyl frames will lower heat transfer so you do not feel a lot of radiating heat when standing in front of the window.

2.         Get Gas Fills

Today’s windows have argon or krypton gas fills to provide insulation. Colorless and odorless, these gases fill the spaces between panes, and because they have more density than air, you get consistent year-round temperatures indoors.

3.         Opt For Low-E Glaze

“Low-E” (AKA “low emissivity”) is a special glass coating that restricts heat transfer. This means your air conditioning won’t have to work harder than it should, which translates to lower energy bills for you. Low-E, an odorless and colorless application at the manufacturing stage, is thinner than a human hair. Rely on this glazing to keep your home cool by controlling heat transfer through radiation and conduction.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Window Replacement

Not sure which kind of window you want to boost your comfort this summer?  Our professional window installers can help, suggesting and installing the highest-quality Marvin replacement windows that would be the right fit for your home. Book your consultation today when you contact us at 512-428-8417.

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