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Construction grade windows are typically installed when a home is first being built. Often, they are the cheapest, flimsiest windows the builder can find. Also known as “builder grade” windows, these windows are lowest in cost so the builder can maximize their profits. These windows are usually bought in bulk from window manufacturers at discount rates. They may look good for the builder’s bottom line but these windows are not built to last.

Such “first in” windows are often single pane, and as a result not very energy efficient. They also tend to have minimal features and aren’t easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, construction grade windows should be one of the first things you replace when it comes time to make a home improvement that saves you money and energy, while adding value to your home.

Benefits of Custom Replacement Windows

Professional grade windows, on the other hand, offer more value and a longer life span. While construction grade windows are sold at big box stores and cater to the masses, professional grade replacement windows are typically sold only through qualified window installation companies.

These windows offer a variety of features such as tilting and grids between panes to boost the ease of cleaning. You’ll get better airflow capabilities with double hung windows that allow both the upper and lower portions of the window to slide open. In addition, professional grade windows come with better warranties that protect more of your investment.

Professional grade windows also increase the market value of your home, giving you a much better return on investment.

How Construction Grade Windows Can Come Back to Haunt You

One day, you’ll try to shut and lock your windows but try as you might, the lever will remain popped up and will refuse to snap in. As a result, your window isn’t completely shut and air is seeping in. When you start having a hard time opening and closing your windows, this is the result of cheap balancers in the window starting to fail.

Perhaps you notice squeaks or other noises while opening and closing. This is a result of poorly aligned connections and low-grade materials. Opening and closing your windows should be strictly a one-finger operation. If you have to plant your feet against the wall and use both hands to open and close the window, this is a sure sign of the need for replacement.

When constructing a home, the builder will buy the windows and have one of his framers handle this job. In the interest of time, that framer will pop one window in and go to the next. After placing a few screws in the flange, he moves on without squaring or leveling it off.

When you hire a window installation professional like Amazing Exteriors you can be sure we will put our full attention into every window we install, ensuring a precise fit and lasting value.

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