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Do you know your window styles? There are seemingly limitless options to choose from that reduce energy bills and add curb appeal to your home’s exterior. Whether you’re looking for a modern exterior or traditional charm, there is a style for everyone with fiberglass replacement windows from Marvin® and Amazing Exteriors.

Every window style can enhance the home in different ways. Here are some of the benefits of the most popular replacement window styles installed by Amazing Exteriors.

Double Hung Windows

If there’s any window that suits nearly all forms of architecture, it’s the double hung. Double hung windows feature two sashes that operate independently of one another. They open vertically and frequently offer a convenient tilt-in feature that allows you to clean the glass without climbing up on a ladder. (With a single hung window only one sash can open.)

Double hung windows blends beautifully with countless home styles ranging from Victorian to Colonial. You can almost never go wrong with a double hung window. They complement nearly any room in the home, from bathrooms to bedrooms.

Picture Windows

Do you love to feel the sun shining through your windows? Then a picture window might be your ideal window style. These windows consist of a single broad pane of glass that maximizes natural light and gives you an uninterrupted view. While picture windows alone don’t let any airflow into the home, you can solve this problem by installing two operable windows on either side, like a casement window or double hung. Picture windows are typically installed in living rooms.

Casement Windows 

With a hinged sash that swings out like a door, casement windows allow air to flow freely through the entire opening. Easily opened and closed by turning a crank, casement windows are great for confined spaces and hard-to-reach locations like over kitchen sinks or in the bath.

Specialty Windows

Specialty shapes and geometric pattern windows can add character and curb appeal. Round, octagonal, trapezoid, half-round – the options are nearly limitless. Specialty windows work well when grouped with more traditional windows or as a standalone statement. Some homeowners even choose to add a specialty shape window in a hallway, foyer, or cozy nook for charm and extra illumination.

Sliding Windows

Slider windows open a room to fresh air and allow plenty of sunlight into the home.  These windows open on a rolling track and ventilate the home better than any other window. Sliders are another window style that complements many homes regardless of architecture. Sliding windows are perfect for dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more – anywhere extra ventilation is needed.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

It’s almost impossible to overlook a home with a big bay or bow window. Bay windows consist of one large picture windows and two operable windows on each side. They are installed together to create one large unit that protrudes from the front of the home. It adds class with a splash of drama and instantly increases curb appeal.

Bow windows are typically grouped in four or five windows, such as casements, double hungs, or even a mix. These windows do not protrude from the home as dramatically as a bow window, but they increase natural light as well as ventilation.

Both bay and bow windows make the home appear more elegant and for creating extra space in a home.

Make Amazing Exteriors Your First Choice for Replacement Windows

Choose Amazing Exteriors for the widest variety and highest quality professional installation of windows and doors in Texas. Visit Us at our new location too for Window Replacement in Houston, TX.  Call now at (817) 756-4004 to schedule a free in-home analysis.

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